New iMacs on the horizon??



So there’s a big Apple event rumored for the last week of the month and now iMac prices are slashed at the refurb store? Sounds like new iMacs are just around the corner.

I’ve been deliberating for months; not so much about “whether” I should buy, but rather “when.”

And I had it all figured out, until I checked out the Apple Refurb Store today.

Thanks for the curveball, Steve Jobs!

If you’ve got a single tech-lusting bone in your body and you’ve shopped for an Apple, you’ve probably engaged in this waiting game, in one form or another.

You want to buy, but not when they first come out, lest you face long wait times and the uncertainty of untested hardware.

So you wait a while, but then you read about amazing new features! just around the corner!

Then you finally make up your mind and you’re ready to buy, but now the tech sites are telling you to wait because any minute now the new ones are coming out! Even if you want the current version and you know it’s plenty powerful for what you’re going to do, you just can’t help yourself!

They’ll drop the price! What if it addresses problem_x that I have with the ones now?!?!!

This is the real reason PCs have such a market share! Because nobody gives a shit about what they can do!

There’s a new version of Windows coming out soon? WHO GIVES A RAT’S ASS! The PC is the computer version of the Toyota Corolla. It’s fine, it does its job, but nobody lusts over it.

You can dress them up all you want, but they still have the sex appeal of a graphing calculator. They might have more ram and ports and an over-clocked processor. But the reaction you get is akin to sticking a rocket on top of that boring old Corolla.

It might be fast, but I don’t want to buy it.



  1. Dude, I just bought a new iMac. Without it, my iPod, and my iPhone, I might as well not even fuckin’ exist, bro. Next to my black BMW 3 Series coupe, they are my most prized possesions. It’s like, who the fuck are you if you don’t have cool stuff? How do you assess your own personal worth if not by the expensive trendy gadgets that your bitchin’ career as a financial consultant has afforded you?

    That’s right , Eric. You’re “that guy.” Congratulations, douchebag. Just kiddin’, bro. You know you’re my boy! Let’s hug it out, bitch.

  2. disclaimer: let it be known! that is the last time i apologize for hurting someone’s feelings on this blog. It will be understood that when I make bitchy comments that I fully intend to wound. As I detest each and every one of you foos, I only come here because I HAVE TO. xo~Jan Brady

  3. Oh yeah, look in your rearview mirror mothafucka. See that sweet shiny, black ball o badass comin up right on the ass of your bike tire? Take a good look cuz that’s me in brand new 2008 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spider. Feel the breeze? Dig it: my iMac is bigger than my CAR, and this baby cost me $700 per month.

    (I been wondering who was the jerktard with the blue tooth headset riding down the road on a freaking bicycle, pfft. Shoulda known man, shoulda figgered.)

  4. That’s more coincidence than actual irony, I would say.

    It’s like rain on you’re wedding day, or a free ride when you’ve already paid.

  5. Ginger Ale: forget it. He’s into mandingo roots, not babes. (Unless you’re just saying hi as a freind, then go ahead.)

  6. Lest we not forget, Ginger Ale is actually a root based beverage. The implications are clear.

    Hey, Ali, iTouch myPod and my post responds, too. Is that PC?

    Here I go.

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