I’m the new lead singer of Alice in Chains!


I know, can you believe it? I’m as surprised as you are.

What’s especially wierd is that I didn’t apply for the job, there was no audition process and nobody informed that I have gotten the position.

Also, I’m not a singer.

So, really, in this situation, what is there left for me to assume other than that I am the new lead singer of the 90’s rock band, Alice in Chains?

Plus, look at that picture.

Apology accepted. That was your free one. If you ever accuse me of lying again, that’s it.



  1. Well, Eric, looks like it’s time to finally get rid of that pesky old heroin addiction. You saw what it did to the last guy… Although I guess it did make him pretty rich, and he probably got lots of chicks in his time too. Hmm. That does it. You’ve convinced me. The heroin stays! God bless you, sir!

  2. No, but AICN will be there. I hope we don’t have to see Harry Knowles’s penis, though. Lord knows he hasn’t seen it in years.

    You know, cuz he’s fat.

  3. im the alice in chains lead singer
    who was never givin the chance to mesh with you guys.Ive been singingi for over 20 years ,now im trying to get an audition with velvet revolver.I wouldnt waste any buddy”s time.Call me ,Ive been singinging and performing for over 20 years.here and in las vegas,Im a prior military veteran.Give me an audition and i promise i wont waste your time.Im a lead singer with a range like geoff Tate of queensryche.#310-930-3826

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