Stop IM’ing me about Heath Ledger!


Seriously, 15 people?

Where were your messages about the stock market? How many people died in Iraq today?

Not to cheapen anybody’s death, but is this really the biggest news of the day? Let alone the week or month?

Is this really gonna be one of those jumping-off points for a larger discussion about celebrity and the media and all that crap?

Really? We have to have one of those again?

Well, not me! Not again. You can’t keep breaking my heart like this, Hollywood! I won’t do it!

To quote Steven Tyler in “That Thing You Do!”:

Hollywood, from now on, you stay away from me. I have wasted thousands and thousands of kisses on you. Kisses I thought were special because of your eyes and your smile and your lips and all your color and life. I thought that was the real you when you smiled. But now I know that you save it all for your movies and TV shows. Shame on me for kissing you with my eyes closed so tight.



  1. How do you know steroids and tasers ween’t involved, Boxy? You weren’t there.

    ..Or WERE you? Do you know for a fact that they weren’t involved, or did you just have time to remove them from the scene?

    I guess we’ll start to unravel this whole darn mess when we get the official coroner’s report from TMZ.

    ..I’m just glad my ratcheting-arm Steve Austin doll with bionic eye(tm) and a syrup lazy susan from IHOP(r) weren’t involved..

  2. Um, that wasn’t Steven Tyler who said that. It was Mia Tyler. Also, does this mean they won’t be making A Knight’s Tale 2: Electric Bugaloo?

  3. That wasn’t Mia Tyler, that was Tyler Perry. And it wasn’t That Thing You Do, it was Medea’s Family Reunion 2: We Gone Git All Crazy Up In Here Dis Time, U Heard Right, I Ain’t Even Playin Wit U. Tagline: Seriously, they’re still letting this guy make movies?

  4. That wasn’t Tyler Perry, It was Steve Perry(tm). And it was “Oh, Sherry II- The Quickening”.

    How’s camp, Eric? Please write soon. We miss you. And don’t wear a wet bathing suit under your shorts. It will chafe.

    Love and Kisses,
    Aunt Uncle Pat

  5. By the way, I don’t want you to be too shocked when you get home, but I think something horrible has happened to Chris Farley. I will update you as I find out more, but it may take some time. You really don’t see very much reporting about these kinds of things in the news.

    I guess it makes sense, with so many other important things happening in the world, that the media wouldn’t concentrate on such matters, but I just wish they would think for just once about how those of us in “middle America(r)” so desperately need our celebrity coverage.

    Maybe it could all be solved if there were some kind of writing strike…

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