Well, it’s come to this.


Remember when 2 girls 1 cup swept the nation 2 months ago and everyone and his mother was posting a reaction video on YouTube?

Well, that’s old news.

Click here to watch my video!


  1. FAKE! That’s not even a real beard, and this isn’t even a real website! And that’s not even real antipsychotic medication sitting over there on my nightstand that I’m not taking! So obviously fake. Try harder next time, bro.

  2. No Eric, that’s actually MY Gammy Allie. She’s what my Papa Pete would call a “spitfire”. I, however call her a “rotten old douchbag”. I learned the hard way not to call her that to her face though, and I am now permanently disfigured. My Papa Pete says that the eyepatch adds character.

    I’m not so sure.

    Man, what a fucking bitch.

    Oh, and Eric, please disregard her poor spelling, she never made it past the 4th grade. As she will tell you, “I ain’t had no time for learning, whoorin’ is a 24 hour a day job”. Yeah, ol’ Gammy Allie was a child prostitute. Times were tough all over back then, and money was scarce. Not for her though(she grew up rather wealthy actually), but times were still tough all over.

    God, what a dumb fucking whore!

  3. This Allie character from above is not only rude, but a poor speller. “Bloudy”? What the fuck is “bloudy” supposed to mean? Bloated and cloudy? Put the bottle down, Allie. You don’t need that. We need each other.

  4. It is the word “count” which is misspelled. “Bloudy” refers to Count Bloudy, the 19th century pinestraw magnate. He id also credited with the invention of the douchbag, a container used primarily for douchwork.

    Oh, and please stop breathing so heavy, Snaus. I can smell the boysenberries from here. Theenks.

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