Well, by now you’ve heard about the strike by the Writer’s Guild of America.

People have asked me what that means for this blog.

I read something today that really spoke to me and how I feel about this issue. It was a quote about the movie, “Norma Rae,” starring Sally Field:

The story of a woman with the courage to risk everything for what she believes is right.

While I’m not currently a member of that union, or a woman, unfortunately for my readers, I am a member of the Pipefitters Union Local 597, Chicago.

I feel it would be irresponsible for me to turn my back on the plight of my union brothers and sister in the Writer’s Guild, so from this moment forth, until such time as the strike is settled, I will not write for any television shows or movies – no matter how much they try and beg me to do so.

Thank you for your understanding. We just want what we feel is owed to us.



  1. Dammit! And I was so looking forward to the Hollywood Phony sitcom, starring David Spade as Eric Filips (the network heads thought Filipkowski sounded “too ethnic”), Mario Lopez as Chad Robuckle (he was pretty harsh as A.C. Slater!), and Rosie O’Donnell as Pickles the monkey butler. The pilot tested very strong with the blind and deaf. Curse you, Writer’s Guild! And Pipefitters!

  2. Since you are a member of the Local 597, why don’t you man up and do the writing on your brothers and sister union members and member (respectively) behalf? Surely Jimmy, Dave, Conan, Jay and that Late, Late Latino fellow will be needing material immediately. Why, I can hear the laughter now as Dave does a “Top Ten Names for Pipe Pieces You Didn’t Know Existed” and “Stupid Plumber Tricks”. I bet you could write out a bit for Jay that has 101 pipelayin’/celebrity references. Oh! And think of how much more riveting (pun!) all 16 series of CSI would be if they were all based on plumbing, pipes, pipelayers, pipefitters, pipesmokers and pipecleaners! You’d be doing it for the good of the country while allowing the Writer’s Guild members to express their discontent while waving poorly worded signage and chanting the equivalent of cheerleader cadence in front of their own offices between the hours of 8-5 (PST), M-F and calling it a strike. It should work beautifully and make an undeniable point–The Local 597 will always back up the writers when there’s a stoppage in Hollywood!

  3. Uh, excuse me Senator, but you are WRITING responses now. I’m no “Ed Begley, Jr.”, but even I am smart enough to see through your lies. Your charade of deceit stops now. VIVA LA REVOLUCION.*

    * Will not be televised.**

    ** Only on FOX!

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