You’re welcome.


Well, in case you’ve been wondering where I’ve been… What? You haven’t? Oh. 😦

Anyway, I had eye surgery. I can’t see too good. Also, my grammar has suffered.

So, in absence of a real post, here is the greatest/creepiest/most horrible thing I have ever seen. Meet “Klutzo.”

Watch the video. Don’t miss the “star wipes.”

Don’t you think it’s about time we abandon all remnants of this idea that clowns are funny or cute or even mildly amusing?

Do you know a single child who doesn’t flee in terror when they see a clown?

Am I wrong?

Are there people out there who take a look at that picture of this fat bastard, sitting in that chair, holding a peace of rubber in his hand while thrusting out his mangina for those poor little urchins and laugh and say, with a sigh, “You know, that just warms my heart?”

If they are, I suggest they get back in their coma/time machine and leave 2007 because we don’t need you here. I’m not saying you’ve molested any kids, but I’m not saying you haven’t, either.



  1. I’m too tired to say anything funny or witty, but I can say that clowns have always scared the shit of me. Ever since I saw ‘Killer Klowns From Outer Space’ when I was 9 years old. Yeah, I was (and still am) a giant pussy.

    Hope your surgery went well Eric. My wishes on a speedy recovery.

  2. The fakey claymation clown from the horribly adapted Stephen King novel “It” still terrifies me to this day. Plus, my dad used to beat me with a clown shaped dildo whenever I knocked over his beer.

    Silly Marfan Syndrome, messing with your connective tissue. It’s like, get another hobby, Marfan Syndrome. Quit picking on Eric.

  3. I blame this blunder on the wilful ignorance of the parents present at the countless birthday parties and the heads of these orphanages.

    It blows my mind that no adult stepped forward to inform the proper authorities after witnessing this man’s act. Blowing up ballon animals with your asshole, while fun AND entertaining, is an act that should only be preformed at adult themed bachelor and birthday parties. And maybe it’s just me, but giving all the animals 8 inch long, erect balloon penis’ is just in bad taste. And to end, I would just like to say that this man handing out mini tubes of lubricant and extra small cock rings in “fun” grab bags is very, very wrong. Just because you call something a “party favor”, it doesn’t make it one.

    Shame on these stupid adults for hiring such a clown! AWWW SNAP! That was a double pun! Layta Bitches!

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