One of these things…

Cookie Monster has a beef with the Foo Fighters and it’s not because they refuse wouldn’t let him play sax on their remake of “Baker Street”.

Please click on the link below and go visit funnyordie, where my stupid Cookie Monster video has made the front page. If you can watch it and click “funny” (versus clicking “die”) that would be awesome.




  1. I’m speechless… I couldn’t stop laughing… Dang Foo Fighters, and they also stole the Menthos ideas for their Footos video… when will the madness end? How do they continue to pull the wool over the eyes of unsuspecting fans? Ripping of Sesame Street for chrissakes…

    One question though, how come you never eat those cookies? They always just splatter out of your mouth…

  2. Scott, you liked the story, huh? You appreciate me entertaining you like that? You probably wish there was a way you could re-pay me for the hours of fun I provide you, huh? Well how about this for a starter:



  3. Hey, quit your bitchin’ CM! From where I’m sitting, it looks like you have it pretty sweet. First off, you have facial hair. I’m 27, and I haven’t even got my pubes yet. One girl was into it, the others weren’t, OK? Second, you have your very own Jew laywer AND a pretty rad boombox. I have been swiping money from my Nana’s purse for weeks now, and I barely have enough money to buy an Abba Zabba, let alone a boombox! The old bitch will be dead LONG before I get enough scratch to buy some sweet shit like you got.

    And don’t even get me started on how lucky you Cookie Monsters are, you know, with your precious 5 livers and all. Boo hoo, CM doesn’t have an esophagas! The way I look at it, thats just one less place you’re gonna get cancer. And don’t Cookie Monsters live to be like 220 years old or some shit? Dude, you’re gonna get to fly around in cars, go to Mars, time travel and take cookies in pill form. Lucky!

    So man up, you blue, crybaby bitch!

  4. I guess some people might think I meant “streets”
    up there where I wrote “STEETS.”

    Also, on this new album, Foos also stole from Seal’s “kiss from a rose”
    and even their own cover of that one song with the depressng sax hook.

    No, not “saxl f”…

  5. Dammit! Why don’t I check this thing on the weekends!?!

    Sunday night, I stabbed my neighbor, Michael Steets in the chest with a lawn dart. Now he’s dead ( I guess in times like these, we DON’T really learn to live again..). Your typos are going to get me into a LOT of trouble, ern.

    As for you, CM, I feel your pain. I think I would have been a big-time comedian star in the seventies if Richard Pryor hadn’t stolen my entire act, that honky motherfucker.

    And I thought you just had an eating disorder, like boolimia or something. Can’t you get Snuffleupagus (thanks, google!) to donate some snout, or would you feel weird about having Snuffy down your throat all the time?

  6. Cookie, what’s a gagortion?

    I dug your video. Not in the interwebby two “g”s way, but in the actual way, as in it entertained me. All of your complex and mysterious counters and ratings frighten my people.

    Give my best to your eyes. I noticed they were a little googly.

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