The Brothers Solomon

Watch this and then go see the movie. Unless you hate Freedom.

Why should you see this movie? Just ask Will Forte’s grandmother!

Foul language!






  1. May I be the first to say (and I am!) that Will Forte’s Grandmother is just adorable!! Oh man, If I were only 65 years older!

    I will be seeing this movie as soon as possible. I only need someone to give me a ride to the city and then give me some money, and then I’m there baby.

    I also must say Eric, that is a BRILLIANT move on your part. Advertise lil’ Bobby Odenfart’s movie on your website, then perhaps one of his assistants who is searching for information on Howard Hughes might come across it, and then mention it in passing after one of their countless Hollywood cocaine parties. Well played Sir, well played.

  2. Two things:

    1. Granny looks like a pirate, striped shirt and one eye and all.

    2. Will Forte looks like Kyle McLaughlin via Dune. Harvest the spice, Will!

    I’m going to see this movie, Gma. Rest assured.

  3. As someone who wears an eyepatch (seriously, for once I am telling the truth), I take offence at your “pirate” comment. If I had a nickel for every time some uninformed jackass called me a pirate, I would have about 20 cents.

    We Eyepatchee’s are a proud people, and I for one am sick and tired of the word “pirate”. It is a hateful word. We are completly fine with the term’s “swashbuckler” and “Jolly Roger”. Hell, we don’t even care if you call us “sea-rapists”, but the bigoted term “pirate” has to stop!

    On a side note, that fuckin’ patch has helped me get laid on more than one occasion. It’s a great conversation starter. I usually just lie like a dog and tell them I got it from fighting in the Octogon.

  4. Pit-Pat, try to come over around 9:00, ok? I will be hanging out with my 5 roommates while I wait for you. I am the guy with the eyepatch. And I’ll be naked.

  5. Eric, what are you, nuts? I wear a bathing suit in the shower all the time! How else am I gonna keep my Mom and Uncle Rick from checking out my package?

    You can be pretty wierd sometimes Eric.

  6. Mimi Dearest,
    5 Roommates? Sounds like a thrust squad to me! I’ll be the belle of the ball! Start without me, and I’ll parachute in around 9:15..

    As for the Brothers Solomon, I just finished watching it a couple of hours ago. I liked it. The first half dragged a bit, but it picked up during the last half. Plenty of larfs all the way through, though. Overall, I would rate it Duper.

    A couple of notes. First of all, in the scene where Chi first comes in, watch the fireplace broom Will Forte is holding. I don’t know if that was on purpose, but it was funny if it was. If not, I never want to know, because it would cause my delicate little universe to crumble.

    I think I know why Bob likes Derek so much. He IS Droopy.

    I wish I’d paid attention to the phone number. What does it mean? Alphanumeric code? Lottery numbers? A brothel?

    Will Arnett should not wear shorts. Unless he always wears those socks.

    Well, that is my useless assessment (that’s a lot of “s”). Do with it what you must. I’m in the shower RIGHT NOW! And I’m not wearing a stitch..

  7. Will Forte’s grandmother was a little creepy in my opinion. And I mean, how are we going to trust her opinion about the movie? She’s his *grandmother* for christsake. On a side note, I thought it was strange no one put the old lady’s teeth in before the film started! *And* ~ how about the way she kept the one eye closed, sort of like, oh, sort of like those Viking dudes out on the sea, know what I’m talking about?

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