Welcome Howard Hughes Searchers!


OK, I know you’re disappointed.

I, myself, have no clue why Google feels that my site is the most relevant return for people looking for pictures of Howard Hughes.


Don’t leave quite yet. Please take a couple of minutes out of your busy Howard Hughes picture-searching to look around and perhaps read one of my stories.

They aren’t half-bad. I think I’m pretty funny and plus I have a three-legged dog.

Three-legged dogs? A semi-popular fiction blog? Questionable Google page-rankings?

What am I? The King of England?

No, no, friends! I’m a regular guy, just trying to make it in this crazy world.

Look, any jerk with a crappy blog can have a dog with four legs. Only the truly talented can blog and own a tripod at the same time.

Trust me. It makes sense.

If you disagree and think I’m a big stupid dummy (even though I have Marfan Syndrome), please leave me a comment telling me how much I suck.

[Dictated by my girlfriend, Lindsay W, because I broke my wrist trying to kick a car.]




  1. Hey, how’d you do that? (not breaking the wrist — the google thing.) don’t people pay big bucks to get their webpage noticed by search engines?
    I started to read your blog yesterday but had to quickly load another page when Maddie came up and started asking what I was looking at. Since she can read now, I didn’t really want to have to explain vaginal dryness and intercourse during menopause to her (especially when it involves a dummy that sent her and her brother a personal video clip once. So thanks alot for that stressful little parenting moment which I’m sure I mishandled by pretending I couldn’t hear what she was saying, for lack of a better dodge…

  2. i love your pictures!!! looks like you had an awesome time. your girlfriend looks very sweet and you look ridiculously happy. tell lucky hi. mags

  3. I don’t know who this Howard Huge fella is, but he sure does look a heck of a lot like Leonardo DiCaprio. Weird.

    Sorry about your injury. I guess that’s the last time you’ll try kicking with your arm. At least you didn’t try hitting the car, thus breaking your leg.

  4. I am just glad you only broke your wrist. I just thought you weren’t writing because you were mad at me for stealing your “Happy Mother’s Day” joke, Dane Cook style. Hey! Maybe now you will be higher in the search rankings for “Happy Mother’s Day”! Won’t that be a nice surprise for some loving son or daughter? Anyway, you’re welcome. Happy Mother’s Day!!

  5. I hope you give Lindsay a nice giftbag full of decorative soaps for her hard work in transcribing your Polish ramblings.

  6. Strangely, people come to my site searching for the letter “t”… except they don’t even type in “the letter t” they just type in t. I’m on like the 10th page, who does that? Did you know there’s a wikipedia article on the letter t?

  7. Oops, sorry, that was me. I had sauerkraut for dinner, being since I’m of Polish AND German decent. Talk about inner turmoil. Sometimes I totally want to send myself away to a concentration camp.

  8. just to let you know, i found your random page searching fro pictures of Marfan syndrome for my bio paper. xD your 3-legged dog rox! lol

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