Check this album out!


Apparently, I’ve been living under a rock or something (or maybe it was a pile of kick-ass heavy metal), because I just heard about this great band called Tenacious D.

Speaking of rock and heavy metal, I’m not sure what you would classify these guys as. They intersperse their tunes with a few comedy bits but the real gems here are the harder songs like “Dio” and “Tribute”.

I see this record came out a few years ago, so spare me the insults if I’ve missed the boat here, I am just trying to spread my love of music. I give this one a hearty 4 and a half out of 5 thumbs up!


  1. I’m trying to discern if this is a joke or not. I enjoy Tenacious D (at least I enjoyed that album) but I’m not sure whether or not you would.

  2. glad you ran across this kick-behind album, eric. these guys started out about 6 years ago, and could have best been described as a cross between simon & garfunkel and simon & simon. they toured alongside great acts like the jets and the new jets. after that, they changed their style a bit, going more for a gangsta-gospel sound. the album met with mixed reviews. this latest album is the breakout of their catalog and is no doubt soon to become your favorite record ever. of course, your second favorite record ever will still be juice newton’s greatest hits.

  3. I had heard of these guys Tenacious D, but I thought they were just some kind of spoofy novelty (like Weird Al, only probably not as great!), but then last year my neighbors’ teenage son killed himself, with a shotgun blast to the face. Guess what was playing on the hi-fi? That’s right: Weird Al Yankovic. No problem there. But when Connie and Cal read young Dwight’s journal, they found out that for months he had been putting a plastic bag over his head, tightening a belt around his neck, and masturbating while looking at pictures of Kyle Gass, who is apparently the “cute” member of Tenacious D (kind of like Paul was to the Beatles?). It seems that Dwight–who was the star quarterback and Homecoming King of his homeschool–loathed himself for succumbing to such unseemly desires and ultimately did what he thought was only honorable thing. Connie and Cal are still picking pieces of his jawbone and skull out of the wall. There but for the grace of God go you, Eric!

  4. I love the D. I am cooler than all of you because I have been a fan since March 24th, 1999, when their fantastical tv show first appeared on HBO. You see, when you’ve known about something cool longer than another person has, you HAVE to point it out and mock them. That’s just the way it is. Sort of like how when someone sneezes, you wack them on the back of their leg with an umbrella.(that’s what my family has always done anyway, strangers seem to get upset though).

    So there, I am cooler than you Eric. I already knew this, but now everyone else does too.

    P.S. I thought I was the only one who beat off to pictures of KG. Right on Kid Who Shot Himself!!!

  5. There’s lots of cool stuff out there that we haven’t found yet. That’s part of what makes life worth living. Books, music, cinema – and of course, homemade jams and jellies.

  6. Wow, this meta-humor must be stopped, it is in danger of collapsing upon itself and ripping a hole in space-time!

    Or maybe it just needs more waffle sauce.

  7. This song goes out to the ladies, but fellas, listen up….

    What’s your favorite dish? I’m not going to cook it, but I’ll order it from zanzibar.

  8. It’s from a Billy Joel song. It’s the third cut on side two of his 1979 release, “Who Poured Waffle Sauce On My Hard Drive?”

  9. that’s only the title of the song if you bought it at Wal-Mart or Target, or any store that only sells censored music. the real title was “Who Poured Waffle Sauce On My Fuckin’ Hard Drive?”

  10. Have you seen Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny yet? If you have then you already know that the soundtrack to that movie is not nearly as cool as the Tenacious D studio album. If you haven’t seen it, the soundtrack is kind of lame.

  11. If you love Tenacious D, you’re going to love this great new invention I call the internet. See, it connects to a bunch of other computers and lets you share files and information freely and without any consequences! It truly is a vision of the future.

    But please, so me a favor and go back to listening to your Rascal Flatts cd and leave the D alone.

  12. Raise your hand if you’ve met both members of Tenacious D on several different occasions. Now raise your hand if you are some yahoo from the sticks who once saw the back of Tom Skeritt’s head in the Omaha airport.


  13. Uh, it wasn’t Tom Skeritt at Epley Airport, it was Larry The Cable Guy at Old Navy.

    Shut up before I drown you in my pop.

  14. That’s nothin, I once bumped (literally) into former NBA great Jeff Hornacek at the SLC International Airport! He once made 67 free throws in a row AND won the NBA 3-point competition TWO TIMES! I have never heard the word ‘horny’ yelled so much at a public place in my life.

    Oh, and did I forget to mention that I also know Wilford Fucking Brilmley? That’s right Puds! We see the same retina specialist. He has the diabeetus, okay? I know of this NOT from the countless NATIONWIDE commercials this MULTI-MILLIONARE national treasure does on a REGULAR BASIS. No, unlike all of you Bumpkins, I know because Wilford Fucking Brimley TOLD ME SO! SO THERE!!!!!

    Wackity Schmackity Doo Bitches!

  15. My father touched my butthole. This made me thirst for knowledge, AND more butthole touching.

    What can I say? Finger to butthole action is HOT, and it’s a LOT better than getting beaten like I usually do. Thanks Dad!

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