A reason not to talk to your dad

Ewww, creepy!

I don’t know about you, but I pretty much never want to have sex again. I think the worst part (if that’s possible) is when they all speed off at the end.

Just a reminder that “dear ol’ dad” is actually just a sick, sexual predator who should probably be arrested for the things he does to your sweet mother.

Thanks, Pfizer!


  1. I don’t care what anyone says, this track is hot! I even like it better than the original. They put the FUNK in erectile disfunction.

  2. THANK GOD!!!

    I was starting to think my friends and I were the only ones who went to a small shack in the mountains and sang about our boners with glee!

    But, well, now that I really think about it, even now knowing that we’re not the only ones who spend our free time this way, it’s still pretty fucking creepy.

    Well, I gotta go. I just heard my dad holler that his boner pill is working. I gotta be quick to give him a high-five before he fucks my mom. I wouldn’t wanna walk in on that, it could be kind of awkward.

  3. This post would appeal to me if I thought my parents ever had sex. I came in a bundle dropped down the chimney by a stork. Just like my mom told me 20 years ago.

  4. i would have been way more into this video if the dudes were playing their instruments with their rigid weiners. cock rock, i think the kids call it.

  5. Unlike you two, I live in the real world where Jesus makes shit the way he makes it and then we have to deal with it. I can’t tailor things to every single wacko who’s half-bird or wants to see old guys playing guitars with their weiners. I make do with what I have. Which isn’t much, admittedly, but just like when your kid turns out retarded, you have to lie and tell yourself it’s a blessing.

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