Time to go to work!

Here is my tribute to the American working men and women who keep this country great! My hat’s off to you!



  1. Thank you so very much. This morning I quit my job at the rendering plant and initiated a lawsuit against my parents. It took your video to make me realize that I have been fucked over for almost 40 years. I tried to make that cool gesture you made, but my hand tasted real bad. Happy Mothers Day, indeed!

  2. I don’t have a job, or parents(they simultaniously choked to death on mutton sandwiches), but luckily for me I have a pretty kick-ass incestuous relationship with my Aunt Joley. She likes hot, wrong, dirty sex with a younger family member, and I like free shit, unearned money, and belly button high bushes. It’s a win-win!

    Screw work!!

  3. All these years I’ve been wrong… thanks for setting me straight… that also has to be the sweetest Mother’s Day gesture anyone could make… Your parents are lucky to have you as a deviant lifelong dependent!!

  4. That’s sexy. We have a park near my house where fancy lads congregate. They are so cute out there in their little knickers.

  5. So you take a picture of something you see
    In the future, where will I be?
    You can climb a ladder up to the sun
    Or write a song nobody had sung or do
    Something that’s never been done.
    Or do something that’s never been done.

  6. -And now a love poem by Eric’s stalker, Mimi Bubbles-

    Will I erver get the chance
    to meet Eric Filipkowski,
    go to a club and maybe
    ask him to dance?

    Will I erver get the chance
    to sit with him near, crack open a
    beer, have him ask me a question,
    to which I reply, “Yes, Dear!”

    Will I erver sit with him at
    the beach and soak up the
    sun? Toss some sand at his
    legs, and go, “Isn’t this fun?”

    Will he erver hear my sweet
    words? I wonder, has he gotten
    that package I sent him? You
    know, the one full of dead birds?

    Would he erver care that I am a man?
    That in my pant’s, I’m nearly packin’ a Coke can?
    That some might call me a “dangerous
    stalker,” or what ever else they can?

    Will it erver?
    Would it erver?
    Could it erver?

  7. I was perusing a post
    Regarding everyday tasks,
    When, from out of the ether,
    A question was asked.
    The query was this: “Will I erver?”
    It clogged my blog,
    and crashed my server.

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