Probably the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

Here is a Wikipedia article about John Mark Karr. He’s that guy who came forward and said he killed Jon Benet Ramsey, but then was later acquitted.

He’s married a 13 year old and a 16 year old that he had gotten pregnant. He’s been caught with child pornography several times.

“What’s so funny about that,” you ask?

Scroll to the bottom, where it says “Domestic Argument Arrest.”

“After a long break from being in the media Karr was again arrested and jailed July 6, 2007 when he was involved in a domestic argument at his father’s house in suburban Atlanta. The argument was between Karr, his girlfriend and his father. He was charged with battery and obstruction of a 911 call and released.”

That’s right. His girlfriend.

Child molestor. Famous for admitting he killed a little girl when he didn’t even do it. Not particularly handsome.
But he’s got a girlfriend.

And you don’t. Man, you suck, Pickles!



  1. Speaking seriously for once, it’s quite sad that countless, innocent women around the world have their clitoris’ removed so they cant get aroused sexually, and then you have guy’s like this award winner walking around with working genitalia.

    Pedophiles like John Mark Karr should be on a 1 strike and you’re out deal, and when I say pedophile, I am not talking about a 21 year old who has a 16 year old girlfriend(unless that 16 year old happens to be my sister, or retarded, or my retarted retarded sister Ruthie). No, I am talking about grown men who get aroused by a CHILD. They are NOT fixable and should all have their dicks cut off, then put in a maximum security prison for the REST OF THEIR LIVES. Their fun-holes should also get a visit from Mr. Blackcock on a daily basis.

    Sorry I went on that long, angry rant Eric. I just really don’t get the sex crime laws in our country. But really, it’s probably just that I am jealous that this John Mark Karr is getting regular sex, is a world traveller AND a high school graduate. That jerk.

  2. I just read my post, and to avoid any confusion, I would like to point out that I screwed up my typing when referring to my retarded sister Ruthie. I put 2 retarded’s, when I only meant to put one.

    However, now that I am thinking about it, she is pretty retarded. Maybe even a little more retarded than your average retard. So lets just pretend that I wrote the two retarded’s intentionally to desribe that she is twice as retarded as most retards.

    Thank You.

  3. If Will Arnett and Michael McDonald had a baby, it would be this guy. It probably wouldn’t be a sociopathic child fucker though.

    Oh, and Will Arnett would be the mommy.

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