This about sums it up for me…


The Simpsons Movie.

A few things:

I wouldn’t lump Beavis and Butthead in with Blossom.

I think the real downfall of the show is when it started to cater to whatever was big, pop culture-wise. For me, this was when Ralph got his own episode. Suddenly, “Me fail English? That’s unpossible!” wasn’t so funny anymore.

But other than that, I think this is pretty much right on the money.

What do you think?


  1. I’m with you on this one. It’s become an institution like SNL. I still catch an occasional episode, but I don’t really put forth the effort like I did pre 9/11.

  2. honestly, i was always a huge fan of the show, even back in the tracy ullman days. i guess it was when they killed off colonel blake that i really started to lose interest.

  3. I think you’re both right. Colonel Herman Blake died when his helicopter went down. One of the blades took off his arm. Kind of like that asshole doctor on ER, except he died instantly. Kind of like you wish that asshole doctor on ER had done. “Chopper” – boy, those guys in charge of making up army slang are really sick, huh?

  4. I can remeber watching it on the Tracy Ullman Show when I was 7 years old(’87) and thinking to myself, “This show is really funny!” and “That sure feels good when I touch myself.” I can honestly say that I’ve seen every episode up until season 10, without ever owning any Simpsons DVD’s. I gave up on the show around 2000, and I really agree with The Guardian’s Ian Jones’ POV. His remark “No longer did we see the family bonding, caring for each other or showing emotion. Instead, it was anything goes.” That really says what I’ve always thought, but was too drug ridden to convey.

    Also, WOW, I haven’t thought about Blossom in years. I remember that they had many “very special episodes”. That Mayim Bialik sure was a handsome guy. And boy could he tap-dance!

  5. I kind of started to drift away from “The Simpsons” after the O.J. trial. I couldn’t see myself supporting a family like that.
    Actually, it was when “South Park” came out. Then came “Family Guy”. I don’t really know what’s going on with “The Simplexes” anymore, but I know that the other two try to push the envelope as much as possible. “The Simpons” gained such a mainstream audience over the years that it would probably cause a viewer revolt if they pushed it like the others. The sad fact is, most of America LOVES mediocrity. That’s why Fox thinks it’s a good idea to replace shows like “Family Guy” (the first go-round) and “Arrested Development” with absolute horseshit like “Stacked”.
    I think “The Simonsons” has stagnated because they are towing the Fox line. It’s better for longevity, since the Fox comedy execs are clueless as to how to explore humor, and seem to reward only safety.
    Is Bob’s brother (the corpsing Hitler) still writing for “The Simpletons”?

  6. i just don’t want to believe that Fancy Pants could be involved in the drek that is a Simpson’s plot these days.

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