Sorry. It just doesn’t seem that important…


I know it’s been almost ten years and I should probably “get over it,” but I just don’t feel like being funny today.

What’s the point?

I just don’t know anymore.

You’re still missed, England’s Rose.


  1. Eric, I feel you man. If you read my last Barenaked Ladies post, then you know about my stolen Kit Kat Bar. It’s been about 10 days since it happened, and I am STILL having a hard time dealing. But hey, Princess Diana’s Death, my candy bar situation, these things take time Eric. They take time.

    And what’s up with you saying “I just don’t feel like being funny today.” Why do you need to be funny? I mean, it’s not like this is a humor blog!

    Wait a minute…. is it?

  2. Cynic-

    Anne Murray is CANADA’s rose.

    Maybe when she dies, Michael Buble will rewrite a song to include her name (to be honest, when I started this post, I wasn’t thinking of Michael Buble, but he popped into my mind when I was trying to come up with someone as queer as Elton John. His lamitudedness seemed kind of Great white North-y, so I googled him, and lo and behold- CANADIAN!).

  3. It can only be a matter of time before this sincere emotion translates into a wave of suicide bombings against Camilla. How that horse faced slut beguiled the inbred Charles with sexy tampon talk forcing our dear Diana (who even with no educational qualifications could still wear an expensive frock competently) to blow rich muslims in France so her ex father-in-law Prince Phillip had them killed, well it’s a timeless story of which many fairy tales are made. It must be heartbreaking for you Americans, not having a Royal family. Be strong. There’s light at the end of the tunnel, oh, sorry.

  4. sorry pit-pat, but that won’t happen anytime soon. according to a recent report on “Entertainingment Tonights Live!” anne murray is busy in the studio hammering out her much anticipated tribute to ronnie james dio album. fuckin’ metal, anne… fuckin’ metal indeed.

  5. Eric, I was just joking about you not being funny. In fact, you are currently #122 on my “Top 150 Funniest People That I Am Currently Aware Of” list. And you do write some very humorous stories.

    I read your “Abramowitz Co. Launches ‘Black People Brand Hot Sauce'” story to my adopted brother Gabidulla and he squealed with delight! It was his “happy” squeal, I know this because it’s the same noise he makes when we give him KFC. We have not taught him to speak yet because if we stay in his room longer than 5 minutes a day he just gets too darn hyper. We went through 3 cages before we figured that one out!

    But seriously man, your site has kept me joyfully busy many a evening, please keep it up!

  6. Eric,

    Do you have problems with the paparazzi following you? I keep buying US Weekly hoping to find a hilarious picture of you eating a funnel cake, but damn it all to hell; nothing!

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