South Park: The Restaurant!


If I was a millionaire, I would make a restaurant based on my favorite TV show: South Park!

I know, you can’t believe nobody’s thought of this yet, right? But I checked! They haven’t!

South Park: The Restaurant would look like any other restaurant, except the outside would be decorated with characters from South Park. There would be a big sign with Cartman, or maybe Chef and he would greet everyone with a smile.

South Park is a very popular show and I believe that fans of the show would come from across the country to dine in a South Park-themed atmosphere.

Think “TGI Friday’s meets South Park.”

And that is where they would be sorely disappointed.

South Park: The Restaurant would look exactly like a regular restaurant inside.

People would expect “Macaroni and Cheesy Poofs” and “Mecha Streisand Meatballs.”

They would go to the bathroom hoping to wipe their hands on towels that look like Towelie, but NOPE!

I can just see them now, sitting there, drinking their regular, non-fun sodas, expecting a waiter dressed like Timmy to pop out and spill a bread bowl full of chili all over their pants.


Just decent food, great service and reasonable prices. Nothing fancy.

They will leave disheartened and hopefully tell their friends. Word will spread and my restaurant will be a huge failure and I will be free to dine by myself, because I hate crowded restaurants.



  1. Great service aand reasonable prices? You might as well have a Taliban themed resturant with that type of attitude. Completely unpatriotic.

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