World Hunger Nite

I just received this bulletin on Myspace and I think it’s a pretty great idea and I wanted to share it with everyone here. I took off the list of people who had signed, just to protect their names from spammers and whatnot, but believe me, this is catching on pretty fast, as there was almost 1000 names.


Hey everybpdy, I was eating dinner with my family one nite and the TV was on in the other room and they were running a story about children starving in Africa whenthe irony of the whole situation struck me.

There are thousands of people who go to bed every nite with nothing in their stomachs, but until you experience that for yourself, its meaningless. I started World Hunger Nite in 2003 and at first it was just me and my family and friends in Maryland, but it has slowly taken off.

If you want to spread awareness of hunger in a very real way, here is how you participate:

June 15 is World Hunger Nite.Arrange to have dinner, just like every other nite. This works even if you dine out. Before everyone eats, take the plates full of food and throw them out. Your family and friends will think you are crazy, but you can print out this email and show it to them. Usually the shock and the realization (and growling stomachs late at night) do 100 times more good than a million news reports.

If you believe in World Hunger Nite, spread the word! Let starving people the world around know you are with them in spirit! Add your name to the list below and pass it on! Together, we can make a difference!



  1. Nothing brings more solace to the world’s hungry than wasted food.

    Except maybe taking their food away from them, and feeding it to a really fat person.

  2. this is a great idea, but i think we are missing the problems here at home. this country has millions of homeless, hungry people. so do what i did. i walked down the street from my apartment and found a homeless guy, then i took a bite of my Subway sandwich, spit it out on the sidewalk, and threw the sandwich in the drainage grate. “that was for you, buddy!” i said with pride. the look on his face was all the thanks i needed.
    later, when i awoke from the savage beating he gave me, i went back to Subway. doing god’s work always makes me hungry.

  3. thanks, buddy. I’m sorta like a modern-day bizarro Gandhi, but with waaaaayy better fashion sense.

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