Look at me!


So today is the big launch of “Derek & Simon: The Show”, over at superdeluxe.com.

This is a series of comedy shorts, directed by Bob Odenkirk.

It stars my friends Derek Waters and Simon Helberg and features me, Jake Johnson and Eric Edelstein as their friends. Julie Mitchell plays Jake’s love interest in this one.

It’s really funny and we’re all very proud to have been involved in this, so please check it out and if you’re “that kind of person”, you can digg it or put it on your del.icio.us bookmark page thingy.

I’d love to embed this video here, but my blog won’t let me do that, so you can click right here and be taken straight to the video (which is featured on the front page of cnn.com, by the way).


One comment

  1. I noticed you went to the Filipkowski playbook and covered your mouths when you found out she was deaf. Tell Bob to “Get Off Your Land”! He’s worse than Ned. Or Jackie Earl Haley. He probably even stole his name from some other show. I hate people like that.

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