My trip to Travel Town!

I am obsessed with this train. It’s not actually in Travel Town, that’s about a mile away. It’s near the pony rides (as you will see). If you have no idea what I’m talking about, it’s probably because you don’t live in Los Angeles. So to you, I say that there is a place in LA called Griffith Park, which is well known for its observatory. But there are tons of hidden treasures all over the place that few people know about. I had actually driven by this train probably 100 times and had no idea it even existed.



  1. Wow! That train ride was EXTREME! I now have to come to California and ride the train so I can spray white paint over the C on that sign.(Yes, I am that stupid and immature.) It HAS to be more fun than the train ride that large gentelman in the rest stop bathroom gave me that one time.

  2. I am actually a man, but I can understand your forgetting due to the fact I was wearing my acid wash Dasiy Dukes with my Stevie Nicks “The Wild Heart Tour” tube top that day. Or maybe I just rocked your world so hard it totally blew your mind away! But thinking back it was probably just all the crack we smoked in that stall.

  3. Perfect. You have made many a montonous job worth it by being able to view that. Also, do the gnomes move more than the horses?

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