Oakley Blades?

Does anyone have a pair of these? The original ones from the 80’s. I want to buy them. Not for a short or a comedy bit or anything, I am just interested in being more of an asshole. They could even be cheap knock offs. I don’t care, I’m drunk all the time.


(Just a note: “Blades” are the bigger ones, almost the size of goggles, whereas “Razor Blades” are the more slimmed-down ones. I am looking for the big ones, but I’ll take anything, I’m desperate to get drunk with my friends and I need to look cool.)



  1. Check out item #110119664569 on eBay. They’re not Oakleys, but they are totally “asshole coiture”. Yoko has been wearing them for years. Can’t get much more asshol-ey than that! Even in the eighties, when they originally came out, these things were an abomination. Please don’t compromise and go for the Oakleys just because it’s the “cool” thing to do. Be a true nut sack, and step up to the PDs! (just as a note-to show I’m not a total hypocrite- I still have and wear Porsche Design glasses, but I generally try to only wear the ones that do not devour my entire visage).

    Maybe if you wear them, you can break up the Barenaked Ladies.

  2. dude, if you can score the Oakleys, then the next item you need to truly hone the “asshole chic” look would be a really sweet black pleather jacket with a huge Pontiac Firebird logo on the back. the one that says Pontiac down the sleeve. and since you are a tall gent, the sleeves should be a little short, which is PERFECT. do this for me… i need to know “that guy” is out there!

  3. I think the Firebird jacket would be nice, but those glasses remind me of 80s raquetball players, so I think you should sport 2 polo shirts–worn at the same time–those tiny gym shorts that Larry Bird used to wear while playing basketball, the long tube socks, and a mullet–but the back has to be permed. Rock it, Filipkowski.

  4. maybe spike your hair and rock a sweet Ocean Pacific shirt. get a pair of JAMZ shorts, and finish it all off with a pair of Tretorns. you also need to get an awesome band so you can hang the Oakleys around your neck, in rare cases when wearing them becomes TOO AWESOME.

  5. Thanks to everyone for all their fashion advice. I still haven’t found a pair of Blades yet, but I am confident I will, sometime in the near future. When I do, you won’t see me dorking it up around here much, as I will be busy bangin’!

  6. Oakley sells reissued razor blades on their website. I got some black and pink frames w/ grey lens. But they do have the most asshole of all color combination in that they offer neon yellow with orange iridium. Schweet.

  7. We recently found two pair of original Blades (the big lens kind you’re looking for) in our old stock from a bicycle store we owned years ago. They’re on eBay right now.

  8. I needed a pair of these glasses as well for an 80s party. I didnt want to pay ebay prices. I found this website that was selling knock offs for 9.99$ Plus they are extra hideous with the colors being pink, blue etc…. go here:


    House of sunglasses go to vintage and check out the surfer type and that should do it.

    I took the advice of someone in the comments and wore two polos at the same time….I passed on the shorts though. I had to draw the line somewhere!

  9. I have a pair of white Oakley blades. They are the type Greg Lemond wore when he won the tour de france. They look like goggles. I bought them for an 80’s party as well.

    I am not sure I want to sell them. but do you need them for a party or do you just want a pair?

    1. hey David, i was wondering if you still had those sick Oakley Blades. I’ve been looking for a pair for quite a while now and would be interested if you’re willing to sell them.

      email, a.riv@hotmail.com

  10. i have 2 pairs of original oakley “blades” – the big ones.

    white frame with purple iridium lenses

    willing to sell them, please contact.

  11. I have Oakley factory pilots. They look like this except they have white trim.

    Greg Lemond was the first to wear them when he won the tour de France in 86 or so.


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