I’m the best!

Not really. I think I’m a decent writer, but I suck as a video editor.

That said, I think this is pretty not-horrible! Enjoy this until I motivate myself to write something.

Thanks to Derek Waters and Nick Jasenovic.



  1. You have long gangly fingers. The video makes me laugh in class when I think about it. Two things: 1) “don’t tell me how to raise a baby; it came out of my fucking vagina.” and 2) the solemn cell phone snap. I want to post this on my facebook. I’m not going to though.
    I have a baby. This is hilarous to me, because it is an Amazon box in your video. Plus my baby is a girl. But putting it on facebook is like hiring the insane clown posse for your six year old’s birthday party. Close to being inronically funny with a twist of sick, but the other parents get freaked out and spread rumors about you at PTA meetings. So I’ll send it to my friends instead.
    Hokay, good job! seeya

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