Here I am doing stand up!

Yes, it’s true. Once or twice a year, I do this. This time was at a show called The Punk House, hosted by Ed Galvez at the Westside Eclectic in Santa Monica.

It started out kinda slow, but I think it got better towards the end. I was really concentrating on not rocking back and forth, which I have a tendency to do. I don’t know, whatever. I’m a stupid jerk.



  1. First time I thought-unless she’s dead
    next view I think you actually said- unless she’s deaf.
    Either ways good for me.
    Now go make part two of Bobo McGoo, on a mac!

  2. Yeah, someone else thought I said she was dead too. Which I guess is true… but the reason I’m covering my mouth is so any deaf chicks in the audience can’t read my lips, cuz I am a big fan of surreptitious muff pics.

  3. Yeah killing deaf chicks is fun, probably. But seriously I liked it; it was good to see intelligence at work and jokes that kept on working afterwards as you turned them over in your mind.

  4. Man that is some funny, funny shit. Especially the deaf girl joke.
    I’ve read probably every story/blog entry on this site, and your comedy beats the hell out of the humor on Mr. Show.
    On my list of things to do before I die or become a vegetable, #47 is “Have Erik Filipkowski over for cereal, smoke him out, and watch a marathon of The Sopranos and/or Arrested Development and/or Curb Your Enthusiasm after we turn on the vaporizer and play some Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out.”
    But I guess I’ll have to wait until I get cancer and the Make-A-Wish Foundation or whatever pays you to come make an appearance in my hospital room.

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