Hypocrite of the Week: Me

Hey, remember when I gave Carlos Mencia a hard time for stealing other peoples’ jokes? Well, tonight my friend put on season 4 of Mr. Show with Bob and David and a little sketch called ‘The Wishing Well” came up.

“Say Eric, didn’t you just write a story called ‘The Wishing Well’?”, you ask.

Why yes, I did, dear reader. 9 Years ago, Bob and David did a sketch about a scam artist with an indoor wishing well who charges people money to use it. Which is basically the plot of the story below.

I feel really stupid. But, I actually don’t feel like a hypocrite, because I’ve said all along that people are sometimes unconsciously influenced by other work. In my case, I must have watched this sketch while I was falling asleep, because I swear to God, I felt like this was my idea, which it clearly is not.

I apologize. I am stupid. I saw something in a state of half-consciousness and I mistakenly thought that I dreamed it.

Mr. Show with Bob and David is the best sketch comedy show ever. Bar none. I am in awe of how funny this show is and I am mortified and embarrassed that I would rip them off.

I’m actually a little disappointed that nobody who read this caught it. I know a lot of people come to this site from bobanddavid.com, so what’s the deal?

One final thing: I am leaving the story up because to take it down seems like I’m trying to hide this, or sweep it under the rug. I’m not. I fucked up.



  1. AMEN on Mr Show being the best sketch show ever. Bar none. And, like, plus 20 respect points for the confession.

  2. You’re right. I’m sorry.

    Now I’m off to write a funny story about the time I was molested by a 19-year old hot chick. Have a good one.

  3. Just to quell your exquisite inner pain, the main point of the Mr. Show sketch revolved around the news expose (sorry, my keyboard’s not French, so you don’t get on of those little cigarrete accents on the last e). The wishing well wasn’t even a real scam. it was a FAKE SCAM!! They probably wouldn’t have even taken your money if you tried to give it to them. THERE IS NO COMPARISON. You are in the clear, buddy.

    Now, if your dad ripped off change from people’s cars while they waited, you might have a case against you.

    Plus, didn’t all that stuff really happen to you? I mean that was years ago, when you were growing up, after all. Maybe you were asleep, just like you said, but it was like 14 years ago, and you were having a nightmare and talking in your sleep. Maybe Odenkirk sent Andy Dick over to “watch” you while you slept, and he took notes as the horror came back to you in your dreams, and then gave them to Bob. I think you should look into some copyright infringement actions yourself.

    And maybe see a doctor.

  4. once i met david cross after a show he did here in minneapolis. i asked him about this and he said (while eating a popsicle) “news to me, but it doesn’t surprise me. he’s well known as a joke thief.”

    that night david cross stabbed some guy with a knife. so i’d be careful. maybe wear a phone book around your midriff?

  5. i agree with pit-pat… i didn’t really see the comparison because it wasn’t a comment on anything other than the expose reporter and his “scams and flams.”
    now, if you were talking ’bout the weather report, that would be different…

  6. I don’t see anything wrong with what Mencia does.

    Conspicuously absent in your mea culpa, however, is any credit given to your friend Matt for all the unintentional inspiration he gave you in college.

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