Carlos Mencia – Dickbag of the Week

If you’re not deeply entrenched in the Standup Comedy Scene like me (*wink wink*), then you may not have heard about this.

Joe Rogan of Fear Factor and The Man Show 2 fame, went up on stage at Carlos Mencia’s show and started a comedy rap battle-type thing.

If you want to check it out, you can search those two on YouTube or somewhere and find it, though, last I heard, it had been taken down off of some sites. More about that later.

No, they weren’t hurling jokes back and forth akin to the rap battle in that Eminem movie. That probably would have been pretty dumb.

Instead, I guess at some point, Joe Rogan had said something about Mencia stealing other peoples’ jokes. Mencia goes up on stage and calls him out on it and they begin to argue back and forth. Pretty much the way the whole thing goes is: Joe Rogan cites specific examples and then Carlos Mencia calls him a bitch, tells him he’s jealous or just outright denies anything every happened.

In the video I’m referencing, they intersperse this with time-stamped clips of different comedians doing certain jokes and then years later, Mencia doing jokes that are pretty similar.

Look, I’ll be honest, I am not a fan of Carlos Mencia. I think his jokes are stupid and he plays to the lowest-common denominator. In this video, he looks pretty dumb. He’s not really thinking on his feet that well and is clearly overwhelmed by the situation. The video examples of him actually doing what Joe Rogan has just accused him of (and he’s denied) are the final nails in the coffin.

That said, I don’t really want to focus on whether he’s funny or not.

The thing that bothers me is, if you’ve watched his show, which I have, it is built around this persona he has created that is based on the old idea of “the appeal to common sense”.

We all have certain opinions that we’re afraid to voice, because we don’t want to seem insensitive, but luckily, Carlos is here to do that for us.

If you go on the Comedy Central website and visit his page, you’ll see this attitude pushed everywhere: “You Think It, He Says It!”

This is a pet peeve of mine and I think in the wrong hands, it can be very dangerous. If you’ve never seen it, alot of the times the bits on the show are based on ridiculous things people do that “we all know” are stupid.

Politicians are corrupt. The media is biased and focuses on trivial things while important issues are ignored. People from different cultures sometimes have misunderstandings. These are all well-worn topics of satire and well-deserving of being discussed, but admittedly nothing new.

The message I get is that people need to stop whining and being politically correct. Don’t be so thin-skinned. Admit you’re wrong or being stupid.

So now, he’s got a bunch of people calling him out. What does he do? It seems to me, from the evidence, that he goes and whines about it. He whines to Comedy Central, who go and pressure these different websites to take the clip down. He goes and whines to Mitzi Shore, who bans Joe Rogan from the Comedy Store.

I can just imagine his advice to someone in this situation. On his show he would say, “C’mon dude, stop making excuses, come clean, you made a mistake, don’t hide behind technicalities.” He’s done this on many occasions to other public figures.

His actions fly in the face of everything he proclaims to believe. He hates hypocrites, he’ll tell you so at least 20 times per episode.

I don’t want to get too grandiose here, but I think this is the problem with “the appeal to common sense”. It’s easy to point it out when it’s someone else, but not so easy to fall through on when it’s you.



  1. i saw the video a couple of days ago. i thought Dane Cook was a cockbag for blatantly ripping off Louis C.K., but Ned (aka Carlos) seems to steal from every person he works with (even The Amazing Racist!) at least Dennis Leary found a dead guy (Bill Hicks- the BEST) to steal from. the absolute best part was that when Mencia would look to one of his friends for help, they would say “dude, you steal bits.” oh, do i love the intraweb!

  2. Would this be the wrong time to mention I am the Executive producer of “Monsieur Robuckle” Frances No.1 sitcom? Common sense dictates it is not stealing, it is an homage.

  3. I don’t know. I saw Carlos doing this thing where he was wearing an arrow through his head as he smashed a watermelon with a violin while he was ranting about the juxtaposition between Benjamin Disraeli and a plate of Chilean Sea Bass.

    Then he set himself on fire while freebasing.

    What an innovator!

  4. you haven’t lived until you seen his bit about his uncle charlie lighting the bbq, then he screamed “goony-goo-goo”. i laughed until i cried/puked.

  5. i really don’t care weather he rips off people’s work just about everything has been done before i mean come on…. if you’ve seen his work back in the early 90’s you would appreciate it better

  6. that’s bullshit. everything has NOT been done before. do you not understand that what Mencia is doing is no different than stealing money from a comic’s wallet??? he has ridden the ideas of others to the point that HE GOT HIS OWN BASIC CABLE SHOW!!! (albeit a shitty one) ask greg fitzsimmons, nick dipaolo, bill dwyer or hundreds of other good comics who, for the most part, haven’t really caught a big break if it matters. ask bob odenkirk and david cross, two guys who broke their asses to get a shot with HBO, only to be underfinanced and juggled around the schedule for four short-run seasons, if it matters to have your own material. ask our buddy eric, the person here who is living on the rural outskirts of the comedy world and has a truly valid opinion, if it matters if someone else does a bit this week that they saw him doing last week. i bet it would break his poor little monkey heart! whew! i think i’m done…

    p.s.- i think “van wuyne” may be Mencia.
    p.p.s.- you used “weather” in the wrong context… i guess that doesn’t matter, either.

  7. I’ve been thinking about it lately, and watching a bunch of stuff, and I think there’s more (or less) to it once you get past the mudslinging.

    Comedy is observational. I could write a great joke about my Grandpa farting in a picnic basket, but would it really be my joke? I mean it was my grandpa’s fart (lthough it WAS my picnic basket). He did all the work. I was just there to report it. Even if i totally made the whole thing up, the joke was still based on some pretty basic generalities that we could all observe.

    The difference is in the delivery.

    It’s kind of like music. There are only 13 notes in the scale to work with. The rest is just variations on a theme. The next time you bag on that shit-eating cover band that’s playing at the Colt-45-a-Go-Go, why don’t you stroll your pompous ass uptown and ask the Symphony to play some originals.

    As far as comedy goes, Look at guys like Emo. Like him or not, you can’t say he’s not unique. It’s all in the delivery. Would his jokes work if Billy Crystal delivered them? Probably not. Are some of them even jokes without the delivery? Probably not. Would Emo be able to deliver other peoples’ material effectively? Probably so.

    That being said, I wonder how much of this is coming down on The Nedlos from another arena. He seems to bend a little to the right, and I am sure that does not sit well with George Lopez, for example. I watched him last night, and I don’t think there’s any question where he stands. I am unfamiliar with Joe’s politics, but it is definitely an unpopular thing in Hollywood to be politically “conservative”. I don’t know if this has anything to do with this whole thing, but I have to wonder, considering how there has been an entire industry spawned on “Bush is a big fat pussy idiot” jokes. Speaking of David Cross, I am a HUGE fan, but he went through a feud with Larry the whatever -his-real-name fake redneck Guy, and, although David is FAR more creative, FAR more intelligent, and WAY, WAY funnier, he just came off more pissed off than anything because he went political.

    I just don’t think these feuds really help the whole scene unless they really have a lot of meat to them. Especially if they are politically motivated. I mean, really. Does anybody really give a shit about the newest Dixie Chicks album? No, they just said the politically expedient thing, and they’re golden. Fuck that.

    Stand Up is a tough art. It’s hard to paint a picture with words without using some brushstrokes borrowed from others who came before you. It is much easier to do something “new” with sketch comedy. Even then, it’s probably still a variation on a theme. The best you can hope for is that it’s funny, and that inspirations are acknowledged and respected. If you get off stage, and you’re pissed off, it may be time to reconsider your outlook or your career.

    I know we can’t all just get along, but respect can go a long way, you shitty no-brained fucks.

    As far as being original, I don’t know if anybody is REALLY original. Take my wife, PLEASE.

  8. Pit Pat, you have a point. That’s why I think if you end up making a joke that sounds similar to something someone did, that’s understandable. But you should acknowledge it and not make up excuses. I think the problem is it’s not just similiar concepts, but phrasing too. Like if someone told the same joke as Emo Phillips, it wouldn’t be a huge deal, but if they came out and did his voice and did the same joke, that would be another story. And I really get the feeling that this has happened over and over again, with people he’s worked with.

  9. Yes, Yes.

    I get the feeling you’re right about Ned, I just always like to look before piling on.

    Now get to writin’, you lazy asshole.

  10. great valid points from you both. this is a debate that will not quickly be resolved. i know that in these days with the unneeded war we are in that lots of topics tend to wiggle their way into that arena, but it just doesn’t seem that way here. but i could be wrong… at the end of the day, what the fuck do i know. i would also like to point out that between David and Larry, it was Larry who pulled the political card in the Rolling Stone interview. Cross did respond, and it did have references to politics, but it was more about outing Larry for what he really is, a fake. (just like Ned)
    as Pit-Pat says, “take it from me… i love you.”

  11. As far as Mencia’s earlier work goes, the only thing I ever saw was the last three minutes of a stand up special he did on Comedy Central. He got really serious and then made a point of how every other stand up you’ve seen has ended with a joke. I don’t even remember what his point was in doing that, as he seemed more enamored with the idea that he was doing something original, oddly enough.

  12. Tom-Scmom,

    That is bullshit. I never said that. Those fuckers did a voice over on me. I hate everyone who isn’t exactly like me. Unfortunately, by the time I sobered up, I had already signed all the contracts, and it was too late.

    So I don’t love you, Thomas. Never have, and never will. Unless you are a pan-sexual albino Schmoo.

  13. Ned alert! Ned alert!

    He’s done it again. I quit watching the show after seeing the light, but I caught a few minutes of the show this week, and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. He did a parody on “Mindfreak”. I have not seen “Mindfreak”, so I don’t know how accurate the parody was, but I have seen a YouTube video called “David Blaine’s Street Magic” and the parts I saw of “His Holness’s” skitch were way too close for comfort. Check it out for yourself. Comedy Central has the segment on their “Mindless Mencia” page. The YouTube video is easy to find. I felt kind of guilty for not watching the show anymore until I saw this. I can’t believe he has the balls after all that has happened. The crazy thing is that he isn’t in the safety of The Comedy Store anymore. He sends it out on national TV now.
    He also clamed to be Mexican again on Conan O’Brien last week. I guess he is, in the sense that he crosses comedy borders without permission and hasn’t ever been punished for it. Maybe we should issue him a comedy green card. During the entire interview, he was the only one who seemed entertained. He just laughed at “his own” jokes (I can’t remember any of them, but I do remember remarking that a good portion of them were recycled).
    I think we can go ahead and give him the “Dickbag of the Year” title. Through the work of others, he has earned it.

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