What the hell are these people?

mystery people
I’m serious, this isn’t a joke. Are they black or white? Mixed?

The guy looks like a white guy with a really dark tan and the woman looks like she’s a very light-skinned African-American woman.

I’m really confused.

This picture is of former Atlanta mayor Bill Campbell and his wife, Sharon. This is a story about how he got convicted of corruption or something, I don’t care. I am just mystified about this picture.

Is this racist of me to ask? I feel like I maybe shouldn’t be doing this, but I can’t help myself.

I know we’re all the same color on the inside and people aren’t black or white, they’re people, blah blah blah. But c’mon, look at that picture! I am totally at a loss. The guy looks like the white dad from that show Ice Cube did where the families switched races.

OK, they’re black, right? No?

Seriously, this is not a bit, help me out.


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