Happy Birthday Bill & Maggie!

If you consider a marriage a person, then they were just born, so shut the hell up.

This weekend I went to Iowa or Idaho or something like that. It was Boise. Now, if you’re normal, you probably would say, “oh, he went to BOY-zee”. Right? Yes, you are right. But if you are not normal, i.e. you live in Boise, you would say “oh, he went to Boyce-cee”.

I’m not kidding. Isn’t that crazy? I never knew it til I went there.

It’s not a bad place. It’s clean and it doesn’t get really crowded. There is a river you can go tubing in but I didn’t cuz it was too cold or the water was too high or some crap like that. Did I mention they have alcohol there?

So my friends got married and I flew on a turbo-prop plane which is kinda cramped and scary. The bathroom on the plane didn’t have a sink so I had to wash my hands in the toilet. Don’t worry, I flushed it first. I think.

I went swimming in a pool and sat in a hottub that was really hot. I know you’re probably saying “duh, no shit it was hot you stupid idiot, that’s why they call it a hot tub” but no, you are wrong. It was way too hot. Much more than a regular hot tub. I ate a lot of food and saw alot of my friends, most of whom were drunk.

The wedding itself was really nice. It was short and sweet and when it was over, we all went to a great reception that didn’t have any assigned seating. I had some steak and then everyone started dancing which normally I hate, but whatever.

Also, I gave a speech.

I brought my business cards with me because I was hoping to pass them out to all the people who were taking pictures so that they would email me copies of their pictures but I kinda forgot to do that so I will probably never see those pictures. But if you are reading this and took some, send them to me please.

Hmm, what else? I stayed in a hotel, that was fun. I rode on a trolley but it was fake. I saw a racist mural in a closed-down courthouse. Oh and I saw this guy spill a pita sandwich all over my friend’s suit which he then tried to clean by pouring beer on it.

Now I am really tired. I will probably podcast about it tomorrow, I may even have a special guest, who knows.


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