I have a miracle cure for baldness

Don’t waste your money on Rogaine or all sorts of quack cures, my solution is simple:

Don’t be bald.

Visualize the hair. It will grow back. Sometimes in as little as sixteen seconds.

Your hair loss isn’t due to clogged pores or hereditary issues and it sure as hell isn’t your genes.

It’s your negative thoughts. Think positive.

This also works for cancer.




  1. Not working for me. Probably because you’re countering my un-bald wishes with pro-bald wishes. You never liked my thinning hair you bastard.

  2. This also works for wishing for a pony too.

    “That’s right…..picture the pony eating the apple from your hand…yes, good…..it does tickle, doesn’t it? Excellent….visualize the pony…….very good…..”

    I’ve named mine “Lenny Bruce.”

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