Hello, stupid idiot regular blog!

You know when you were a kid and you were super cute and everyone loved you? And then your baby brother came along and you weren’t so cute anymore and your mom would beat you for being ugly and less adorable than him?

We can all relate to that. Except, I guess, only-children, but they all turn out to be maladjusted, sociopathic psychos, anyway.

Anyway, the point is, this blog was my baby. I lavished it with gifts and attention. I would have it sit on my lap while I read it stories and stroked its hair so it could fall asleep.

Now I have a new baby. It’s name is chadrobuckle.com, and it is my podcast.

I wrote about my new podcast before. You should check it out. It’s me, yappin’ into my headset mic about nothing for seven whole minutes! How could you say no to that? In fact, it’s not enough that you go there and just listen to it from time to time, you need to go subscribe to it on iTunes so that it loads it to your iPod automatically and my lovely voice comes up every once in a while when you put it on shuffle.

Subscribe? iPod? Shuffle? What?!?!

“That sounds complicated, Eric. We’re not all technical geniuses like you.”

This is true, but it’s easy. If you have iTunes, click on “podcasts” and search the words “Chad Robuckle”. Then hit “subscribe”. It’s really that easy.

Or if you want, click on this: feeds.feedburner.com/chadrobuckle and you’re all set. There are like fifteen ways you can subscribe to this.

If you have a “My Yahoo” page, you can do it that way.

People, I will level with you: this is the wave of the future. You’re all on your Atari 2600s and I’m playing “The Smurfs” on my Colecovision. Catch up or be left behind as I beat you like my mother used to do to me because I was so ugly and not all shiny and new like Alex.

Actually, the truth is, I’m probably just gonna end up reading some of my more popular stories from my blog during my podcast. That should be a nice treat for you, because I know you’ve been wondering, “Hmm, what does this beautiful prose sound like coming from the mouth of this angel brought to earth?”

It sounds like the future and not getting beaten, that’s what it sounds like.

Thank you for your time.

PS, do it now.


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