How exciting! I’m podcasting!

What the hell is podcasting, you say? Good question, idiot.

Podcasting is basically making a blog with an audio file instead of typing crap out. So it’s good if you’re lazy. You can get podcasts delivered to your itunes or right to your my yahoo page or whatever.

That way, when I make a new podcast, it appears on your computer and you don’t have to go and look for it, it’s right there. Just click on it and listen to it. C’mon, don’t be a jerk.

Here’s the deal. I have a new blog, appropriately titled, Hollywood Phony’s Podcast – hosted by Chad Robuckle. So you can go there and do that, but if you want to make it easy on yourself and me (most importantly me), go to this address instead. There is a whole list of ways to get daily Hollywood Phony content delivered to your computer. C’mon, just do it.

The first couple of podcasts aren’t that great, but in the very near future I’m really going to step things up and give you all the great entertainment options you’ve come to expect from the Hollywood Phony organization.

You like celebrity gossip? We’ve got it and it’s all 100% untrue! I just make this shit up on the spot.

Do you like sports? Well I love them and I will give you all the latest scores on the big game. Again, these will all be made up.

Plus some other crap I will also make up. Look, I had heart surgery, just do it.


PS, if you want to get this site delivered to your my yahoo page or whatever, click here and I will hook you up for free, but only if you act now. If you don’t act now, the price goes up to $17.


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