Attention: Drunken Micks

I can say that because I’m Irish.

Anyway, even though my friends are assholes and don’t tell me when my favorite sandwich of all time is (temporarily) back at McDonald’s, I figured I’d be the bigger man and not repeat their mistakes.


That’s right. The minty, delicious Shamrock Shake is now available at your local McDonald’s. And it’s good! Of course, now it’s a “Triple Thick” shake, but it’s basically the same taste, only thicker. If anyone has any idea why Mickey D’s would go and change their milkshakes like this, please let me know.

Nothing takes me back to my childhood in Ireland like the creamy goodness of a mint-flavored milkshake. As you know, the Irish are famous for their ice cream and nobody does ice cream like my favorite Irish restaurant.

On an unrelated note, please check out my most recently published article on the Phat Phree, as well as the Ultimate Blogger 2 contest I am in. Also, tonight I will be on the David Lawrence Show at 9pm PST.

And I like tacos.


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