My telegram to Jesus (Re-post)

In honor of Western Union discontinuing their telegram service, I am reposting this blog from my early years. It really takes me back to a more innocent time, kind of like the telegram itself.


Dear Jesus stop

Last night you took Biscuit away stop

I’m not sure why you did this stop

Maybe you are mad at me stop

Teacher says we aren’t meant to know your reasons stop

But I can’t help wondering if it was something I did stop

Or if I had done something different, maybe Biscuit wouldn’t be gone now stop

Jesus, I can’t stop crying stop

I know I should be happy that Biscuit is with you in Heaven stop

But I miss her so much stop

I know it’s childish to blame myself, I’m not the reason Biscuit is gone stop

It’s not fair, Jesus stop I am so mad at you right now stop

I know that is wrong of me, but I can’t help it stop

If you love me and you love Biscuit, why did you make her dead stop

When you killed Nana, I didn’t cry even though she gave me five dollars stop

But I really love Biscuit, Jesus stop

She was cute and playful and didn’t smell like Aspercream stop

Sometimes she would bark too much but then I would choke her and she would stop stop

But this time you made her stop for good when I was choking her stop

You are a bad man, Jesus stop

Maybe I won’t go to Heaven cuz I am mad at you stop

But I don’t want to be your friend anymore stop

You killed Biscuit stop You are a murderer stop

Stop killing dogs, Jesus stop

Some of them are very loved by their owners stop

They are not old and smelly like Nanas stop

That is all stop

Please write back stop

Eric Filipkowski, age 7 stop



  1. Tell me how it’s gonna be, George. Tell me ’bout the rabbits.

    George! Tell ’em how you done before! About the rabbits, George!

  2. Scawty yer postin’ in the wrong thread ageean. This hyer thread’s about biskits, nod r-rabbits…Scawty, turn yer hyearin aid up? Scawty? there ain’ no r-rabbits in this thread. *hack**hack**cough*

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