I am a bad blogger.

So I just moved back to LA and haven’t written anything in over a week. I feel like a total loser. I’d like to say there’s been nothing going on in the world, but that’s not really true. I remember there was something about the Supreme Court, the President said something and a bunch of people got shot.

Anyway, here is a digest for what’s been going on in my world.

Last Friday, I flew out to LA from my parent’s place in Florida. I flew first class because I am still too fragile to deal with the stress of trying to get the emergency exit row seats. Plus, I don’t actually meet the requirements. When you’re 6’5″ and your legs smash up against the seat in front of you before the person even reclines, you can’t really fly coach without the emergency exit row. I’m not being a baby, it’s physically impossible.

The flight was nice, first class is good but it’s hardly the rockstar experience you might think. In my opinion, that should be the base level of service. I wasn’t drinking so I couldn’t take advantage of that. But I did get too pretty decent meals and plenty of ginger ale. But most importantly, I didn’t have my fucking legs smashed in and get a blod clot and die. Which is always a plus.

Friday night I hung out with Pickles, Yury, Bordo and Violet, which was cool. These are all people I had seen a month earlier so it wasn’t the “holy shit, you’re alive” moment you might have expected.

Saturday, I went to the Garage Comedy Film Festival, where my group, Animals From the Future, had our short, Imagination Safari, played in the festival. Mel was also there and it was good to see him. I got to meet his girl too, which was nice. It was cool, I got to see a lot of my friends and it was fun seeing something I wrote and worked on up on the big screen. Me and Bordo went and I saw my friends, Joe, Amy, Aaron, B, Marcos and their friend whose name I forgot. Lili and David showed up too, which was cool. I owe Justin a gift basket.

Sunday, I hung out with Bordo again… I’m not sure what else. I think I got my car washed. Oh, and I took my first class at UCB. The two alexes are in my class, Todd and Matt are in the other one. I also saw Lindsay. After class, I went to the bell and got some food and ate it over at my cousin Siobhan’s house. She was pretty busy with her grad school though. It was still good to see her. I took that picture with her camera phone.

Monday, I was very productive. I took my car in (like a big boy) and scheduled appointments and such. That night, I went to the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater and watched two harold groups, which were really great and then half of the Myspace show, which was good too, but I got sick and had to leave early. I saw Ed and EJ there.

Tuesday was also productive. I met with my agents and they seemed glad to see me. Hopefully I can book some commercials and make everyone some money. I also saw my doctor and got the ball rolling on some follow-up visits and tests with my other doctors, which I need to get out of the way. Then, I went to be on David’s radio show, which was great. I think it went really well. After that, we all went out to dinner.

Today I was really lazy, I’m just getting up and about now and it’s four. I’d like to blame this on the time zones, but I went the wrong way to do that. I’m just a bum. Tonight I am going to see my friend Kirk’s show, that should be cool. I’m gonna try to head over to IO to see Trophy Wife, the harold group my friends Tim and Zabeth are in.

That’s about it, I am really upset that they don’t have McRib’s at McDonald’s.

Hmm, this is why I don’t generally “blog” about my everyday life. It’s pretty damn boring. Unless you know these people I’m talking about, or are one of these people, I doubt you’re even still reading this. This just proves my point that reality sucks and it’s better to live in a fantasy world of your own creation. Hopefully I will get back to that soon so you won’t fall asleep half-way through reading my blog.

Thank you for your support, it’s good to be back in LA, though I miss my parents and my cat and my free-wheeling lifestyle I had grown accustomed to in Florida.



  1. Yeah. I liked it better when you were infirmed. All that hate was nice. I’ve got to get used to all this “that was cool” and “it was nice to see so and so”-nonsense.

    Anyway, welcome back–over there.

  2. hey, your cat has been in mourning and i’m not just saying that.she taken to sleeping on your bed and the other night when i listened to you on radio she actually sat on my lap on the futon and purred her brains out. i’m glad LA is being good to you and you are back with your friends. love mom

  3. I really enjoy that your Mom posted a comment as anonymous, but signed it “love, Mom”. You’d think if she had enough time to post comments she make me some fuckin dinner.

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