Homeless people should give me money

Today I found out I most likely won’t be getting any more disability. I was counting on this money to support me while I got re-settled back in LA but the doctor who decided I was fine to go back to work before he even examined me decided that wasn’t in the cards.

So now here is where I stand:

No job.
No income.
No place to live.
$250,000 in medical debt (yes, that’s after insurance)

250 grand. That’s how much I owe. And it’s probably 240,000 dollars more than my entire net worth.

I am looking forward to getting back to LA because there are no homeless people in Florida. At least not in my parent’s development. Why, you ask? Cuz I can’t wait to zing one of them. I’ve got it all planned out.

Homeless guy: Give me some money.

Me: No, you give ME some money.

Homeless guy: Why should I give you money, fancy pants? I’m homeless.

Me: Yeah, you’re at zero.

Homeless guy: Your point?

Me: I’m $250,000 in debt. I need 250 grand to be at zero.

Homeless guy: Yeah, but you should be thankful you’re alive and you have friends and family who love you and support you.

Me: Shut up and let me feel sorry for myself.

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