I hate the music industry

I hope everyone had a good christmas and whatnot. I haven’t blogged in a while so here’s a half-assed entry.

Read this. It makes me irate.

Isn’t that the worst? What a bunch of fucking jerks. Seriously, they can suck it. I wish people were still downloading music illegally so that these assholes would get put out of business forever.

I mean, come on, how much money do these pricks need? Six figures for some stupid song to play for five seconds in a goddam tv show? What the hell is that? This is why I didn’t buy a cd for three years. As it is, I only buy music on itunes now. I don’t know if this really helps anything but even if I’m just stiffing the record companies out of a few bucks, even if it’s only in my own mind, then I’ll do it.

Dear music industry: I hope you get cancer and your dick falls off.

OK, I’m done.

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