You want a piece of this?

So I’m watching the news and I see this story about how petty crimes are up at the Crystal Mall near my house.

No shit they’re up, who do you think’s responsible for that? LOL!

Anyway, this old bitch comes on that they’re interviewing, telling some sob story about how she just turned around for a second and when she went to get her purse it was gone. (Nice work if I do say so myself!) So she starts tearing up and saying how she prayed for me, I mean, whoever did this, because if she ever caught them, she was gonna beat them senseless.

Normally I see these kinds of news reports and I don’t think twice but this really got to me.

Old lady, you want some, then come and get it!

How dare you threaten me like that? People like me have no rights. Imagine if I was to go on TV and publically threaten her like that? They’d call it assault. But because this bitch is old and everyone feels sorry for her, she has a public forum to threaten and insult me at will.

I’m a coward? Well here I am, I’m not going anywhere. Let’s rock! I’ll even give you a free one. Take your best shot. I guarantee one punch to your wrinkled cranium is all it will take to send you on a one-way trip to Coma Town. You don’t spend three years in prison and not know how to handle yourself in a fight. You think the Aryan Brotherhood would ask someone to join if he was a little bitch?

So shut your fucking trap you dried-out, old crone.

And P.S., thanks a lot for the $7.38 and those mints that were stuck to the bottom of your purse.

P.P.S., your grandkids are ugly.


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