The time I met a guy named “Geech”

What the hell ever happened to fun houses? Remember those? Probably not. I remember they had one at Riverside Park when I was a kid. Now it’s owned by six flags. But soon after I started going there, they changed their “fun house” to a haunted house and then I think they got rid of it all together.

For those who weren’t there, a fun house consisted of a building you went in that usually had “wacky” rooms in it. Like one room would be crooked or the furniture would be on the roof or they’d have a “shrinking hallway” or something. Oh and the room of mirrors!

It was hella fun. Hence the name, I guess. I don’t know, I guess there’s no point really. I just miss those. I heard they still have them at those cheesy traveling carnivals but personally, I think you’re taking your life into your hands anytime you go to one of those.

Fucking carnies.

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