My TWO favorite things!

All right, I haven’t done a “current events” post about real topics in a while, so here it is, I’ll try and make it short and sweet.

Basically, some jerk in a hick state from the south is running for governor. He’s accusing his opponent, who has moral objections to the death penalty because he’s a catholic (of all people!) of being soft on criminals and not having the balls to use the death penalty.

Now, how did he feel it was best to get this message across? By invoking Hitler, of course!

One of the ads supporting Jerry Kilgore, Virginia’s attorney general, cites a Richmond Times-Dispatch column that said Kaine had “suggested he would not favor sending even Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin or Idi Amin to the gallows.

Uh oh, looks like trouble! Damn you, Jerry Kilgore!

The radio and TV ads feature victims’ relatives who tearfully recount the crimes that killed their loved ones and say they don’t trust Democrat Tim Kaine to administer the state’s death penalty.

Now, this is one of my pet peeves. Some people have “guys in Camaros” or “people who are mean to animals!” but mine is “people who advocate emotional victims setting the standards by which we all live.” Yes, that’s a real pet peeve.

See, you might think I’m just a goofball, but there’s a message in these stupid stories I write. For instance, I am against the death penalty because I believe it makes all of us (even me) a murderer.

I really hate when Politicians or even regular people use the rhetorical move of saying something along the lines of “How would you feel if your mom got murdered? You’d want to see that guy dead!” Of course I would. It doesn’t make it “right” though. Laws are supposed to be based on reason and logic. Not heated emotion. This argument says that the people least capable of making rational decisions that affect us all should in fact be the ones dictating the course of law in this country. That’s fucking retarded. I wrote about this before too, but I can’t find the link.

Finally, throwing the Hitler thing out there is just dumb and offensive.

A commercial featuring death penalty proponent Stanley Rosenbluth has him looking into the camera and saying: “Tim Kaine says Adolf Hitler doesn’t qualify for the death penalty. This was one of the worst mass murderers in modern times.”

Hitler was one of the worst mass murderers in modern times? Well, first of all, I would challenge death penalty proponent Stanley Rosenbluth to try and find a worse mass murderer in any time, but that’s not really the point. Yes, Hitler was a horrible monster. But killing him would still be murder, no matter how good it feels. It’s true, look it up.

If you’re morally opposed to “murder” or if your church says that you have to be, you can’t really make an exception cuz someone is a really big jerk. Or killed ten million people. Sorry, you can’t. I mean, you can, but you’ll be wrong.

Some Jewish leaders said Friday that the commercials trivialize the Holocaust and should be withdrawn.

No shit? They said that? That’s odd… Perhaps they haven’t thought about what would happen if Hitler was mean to their people…

Look, the Hitler thing is tired, offensive and really off-base. It’s something I’d never do. When you use the name of “one of the worst mass murderers in modern times” simply to play off peoples’ fears and try to get elected, you’re a jerk. Unfortunately, the way things are going, it’ll only be a matter of time before this tactic is used to sell everything from soda to aluminum siding.

Because really, if you knew Hitler drank Coke, that Pepsi (or even R.C. Cola) might taste just a little bit better to you. C’mon, admit it.

Oh man, I can’t believe you admitted it! You’re a jerk! I was totally just kidding.


  1. Although only a few miles away, Virginia feels WORLDS away from me. (Thank God!) They need to chop Northern Virginia off and make that an independent state. The rest of Virginia can sod off.

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