My First Web Cartoon!!!

Click on it to make it bigger. Any feedback or comments would be appreciated.


  1. gus: you laughed because it’s one of those things that we can all relate to.

    platkat: that was like a thousand years ago, poor santa. I mean “thanks for visiting my blog”. Or wait, am I supposed to do that on your blog? I’m confused.

  2. Ok, I’ve been asked to explain my cartoon. I think it’s funny cuz it doesn’t make any sense but if you want to be a spoil sport, here:

    In my mind, and of course it’s open to your own interpretation, they borrowed the hibachi from Santa and were like “thanks alot, we’ll get this back to you next week after our BBQ” and Santa was all, “No, it’s cool, just keep it, I’ve got a brand new Weber.” And the sperm were all like “Oh cool, thanks, Santa.” So now that he’s asking for it back they just can’t believe it. Like, have some class, you know? He’s got plenty of money, he should just go out and buy a new one and not be a Native-American giver.

    ps, my word verification for this post is “hoamo”

  3. Well if Santa loaned it to the sperm, why would he ask “did you take it?” He would know he loaned it to the sperm therefore acting passive aggressively towards the sperm and I don’t think Santa is like that. He’s too jolly to act like a dick. I do understand the need to say Native-American though because one may be confused with the dot Indians.

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