I got heckled!

Check it out, someone totally burned me!

I say “someone” cuz they didn’t feel it was necessary to leave their name or anything like that, oddly enough.

See, I put up a picture showing that the aol instant message name “Jesus” was more popular than my own instant message name, “p1mpb0t”. Then this person, let’s just call him or her “anonymous”, said “Gosh, you’re so deep.”

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “nice compliment!” but I think this person was actually using what is known in the business as “sarcasm”. The implications of this statement are actually quite contrary to what one may first surmise. This person, I am presuming, is actually saying that I am, in fact, not deep at all!

I know, I can’t believe it either! If anybody knows me or as has read my blog at all, they know that my primary concerns are a.) being deep and 2.) being perceived as such. So this was quite a wake-up call for me to find out that I am failing miserably in my endeavor! LOL! From now on I am totally going to change the direction of this blog and my life as a whole and instead focus on being humorous in the stupidest way possible.

No, don’t try and stop me. The old, deep, serious-minded Eric you know is gone! Hello to the new, wacky and shallow Eric! Like Celine Dion says, “A new day has come”!

Thank you, mysterious stranger, for putting me in my place and allowing me to be reborn as a total goofball who doesn’t take anything seriously! I may even make fun of people who are different than me. Perhaps I shall take a cue from your hilarious post and start utilizing sarcasm and irony.

No, that’s going too far.



  1. Do you still go to Second City? A friend of mine is about to graduate from there, her group is called Area 54. They’re really funny. She just got into Groundlings for Charactor school.

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