Am I seeing things???

Or are they actually showing the Simpsons where Homer goes to the World Trade Center?

They are.

I remember thinking (and keep in mind, I’m not proud of this), but one of the first thoughts I had when I saw those planes hit the towers is “they’ll never show that episode of the Simpsons where Homer goes to the World Trade Center again!”

And for four years, I was right. As far as I know, anyway. I never really checked. I’m lazy.

I mean, c’mon, this is “the day that everything changed”. They didn’t show Saturday Night Live for a whole month! And I have to admit, watching this episode is more than just a little weird.

First of all, it’s all about Homer’s anti-NYC views. Which he espouses loudly, throughout the whole episode. New York is shown as an uncaring city of horrible bureaucrats looking to screw the taxpayer out of his hard-earned money at the drop of a hat. That tax money was used to pay the salaries of firemen and policemen who died! Their widows and children need that money!

And if that isn’t bad enough, it contains the line, “They stick all the jerks in Tower 1!”

All the jerks? Weren’t these people supposed to be heroes? Did I mention this is regular tv I’m watching this on, it’s not a DVD!

Am I the only one who thinks this is crazy?

Does anyone care?

No? OK, I guess it’s just me. Nevermind. My bad.


  1. Um, I went to Comisky Park in Chicago, a month later they tore it down. I went to Veteran’s Stadium and a month later they tore it down. And one time I went to New York and went to the Trade Center, then about 6 months later they came down. So am I bad luck for old buildings? Oh, I’ve also been to New Orleans, but that was like three years ago.

  2. What a load of nonsense. Simply because of September 11th New York has to be treated as a bastion of light?! Yes, it is just you that cares, and it is just you that thinks this is crazy. You may find this unbelievable but post-July 7th, we don’t have an embargo on buses and Tube trains on UK television, and we still consider the people who run them to be incompetent and the commuters who travel on them inconsiderate. Not ‘heroes’. As though going to work is some kind of act of incredible bravery.

  3. Dear Mr. Foreigner,
    Apparently, unless they’re used by a man in a dress, “sarcastic quotes” don’t carry the same weight where you come from. Here in the Colonies, that means someone is being at least partly facetious. I don’t claim to be an expert on Island Cultures, but I’m guessing that if there had been a show where the riders of the particular bus that got blown up on July 7th were referred to as “wankers” or whatever you say over there these days, I think it would be cause for reflection. Which is all this blog was doing. As for the heroes line, it was again, partly facetious. But I’m sure there are many people who would agree with that statement. I understand that someone with socialized health care and plenty of time to troll the internet for people to start fights with because he’s on the dole might see working as nothing to be proud of, in itself, but I believe that the term “heroic” could be applied to some of the stories of people helping each other and staying behind as the towers burned.
    Eat a pile of dicks.
    By the way, your analogies are completely false. There’s no embargo on buildings or planes on television in America.

  4. Not to mention that if a bunch of unappreciative post-pubescent virtual wards of the state started marching up and down my street setting cars on fire and vandalizing shit en masse because the government decided not to give them an extra two hours off every morning so that it could provide them with a sumptuous breakfast followed by a publicly subsidized prayer rug weaving workshop, they would be met very quickly with some hot samples of the slug of the day courtesy of my trusty niZine. I’m sure a few of my neighbors would jump right in there, too. Maybe that’s why it doesn’t happen in my neighborhood.

    The closest we get over here is something like the LA riots of ’94, and if you ask me, I think that was a pretty European kind of party. Similar stuff has happened in San Francisco and Seattle, too, but they are also among America’s most retarde.. um.. excuse me.. I meant European,. cities. Oh, and fuck New Orleans, too. You would have to be a really special kind of “European” to buy beachfront property that’s below sea level (you feelin’ me, Dutch Boy?).

    Hope I haven’t offended any Euro-trash or welfare jockeys. If I have offended you, you may wish to consider a career as a welder. Weldstar Welding School’s 2006 graduating class averaged over $3700 a month their first year on the job, with 98% finding employment within 45 days of graduation. That’s over $44,000/year, and placement assistance is available.

    Then again, that pile of dicks isn’t going to eat itself..

  5. i live in nyc and i have to say i was very shocked to see that episode of the simpsons on regular tv but being that it is my favorite episode since i saw it air for the first time i was glad i was able to see it. however i think that they should not have played it on FOX 5 in the tristate area, maybe anywhere else in the country i would say is ok but there are just so many families here in new york that lost loved ones on that tragic day and im sure they would have much more to say oposing the episode. bottom line great episode, funny as hell, but it shouldnt be played in new york city.

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