The work of god

I didn’t even bother to read this article. The headline says it all.

“Down’s Syndrome Recreated in Mice”

OK, I lied, here’s an excerpt:

Scientists have been able to introduce most of a human chromosome into mice, producing the most successful recreation of Down’s syndrome so far.

Most successful? Down’s Syndrome?

Look, like I said, I didn’t read this so I’m not really sure why the scientists would do this. Perhaps it’s so the mice can remain sweet and innocent their entire lives and not grow up to be bitter and jaded? These retarded mice will remind the other mice to take the time to enjoy the little things in life. Because really, is there anything more pure and beautiful than the smile of a mouse with Down’s Syndrome?

Do you ever get the feeling that maybe we shouldn’t be fucking with Mother Nature like this? I’m sure these people had good intentions but just because we can do something, does it necessarily mean we should?

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe this will lead to some huge breakthrough, but I’m sure this must have been millions and millions of dollars of research to do… what?

Wouldn’t a hammer have worked just as good?


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