Scooby Doo? More like “Scooby Don’t”!!!

You know that children’s cartoon from the 80’s? Scooby Doo? I was thinking about that recently and I realized something quite shocking: It’s all about smoking pot!

I know what you’re thinking: too crazy to be true. But consider this: “Shaggy” is a beatnik-looking fella with long hair and a goatee who’s best friend is a talking dog. That’s right, you heard me: a talking dog. And they drive around in a van. A van. And what’s with those “Scooby Snacks”? Why is a grown man so excited about getting fed dog food?

Because it’s not dog food, it’s pot!

This is all a thinly veiled metaphor for drug use. Am I the first person to make this connection? I think I am as I’ve yet to hear this theory from anyone else.

Look, I’m “hip”. I’ve got nothing against marajuana. If you want to go and “light up” on your own free time, that’s your business. Just as long as you don’t bring that shit around here and sell it to my kids. But that said, you’re making a choice as an adult. A choice that a dog isn’t capable of making. I don’t care if it’s a talking dog, because in real life there are no talking dogs. The fact that they would give drugs to their dog is disgusting.

That’s their pet. They’re supposed to take care of it. I don’t even give my cat regular cat food because the “ash” from ground up bones and stuff can get caught in his urethra and give him kidney problems. I certainly wouldn’t go and give Mr. Whiskers a joint! Imagine what must be going through the mind of that poor animal as he starts to “freak out” from the “weed” that was given to him by the very people who are supposed to watch out for his best interest.

And this is a cartoon show directed at KIDS!!! Someone should start some sort of petition to get this taken off the air immediately. Not to mention the fact that I think the blonde guy and the bitch with the glasses seem to be the types to lead “alternative lifestyles”.

Where the hell is Pat Robertson when you need him?


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