My rich, vivid dream life

Here is my dream retold as accurately as I can remember:

So I was at a bike shop in Norwich, CT. The bike shop was located where I think there is actually a bar or restaurant. And you had to go down like 4 stairs to get there, which isn’t true in real life. So I went down there and there was this green bmx bike, which for some reason I was interested in. so then I go and just ‘take’ the bike. I rode it around for a while and then started to panic that they would think I was stealing it or something so I rode back and sure enough, there was some sort of flack over it. I remember at one point, I was riding it and then I put my leg back towards the wheel and felt in the air for pegs. and sure enough, there were pegs and that made me happy.

THEN for some reason I was suddenly in a music store. I was waiting around for them to get a shipment of bass guitar amps. I wanted the smaller one that was cheaper and they only had the bigger ones. when the small amp finally arrived I was really disappointed how small it was. it was about the size of a car stereo. I also think it was made by “G.I. Joe” for some reason. Then I was like, I need a bass guitar too. So I start walking over to the bass guitars. there seemed to be a whole bunch of them, but then when I got over there and was going down the line of them, they were either really fragile or stupid looking. I wanted just a regular-looking one. they were like pastel green and intricately designed and looked like they were made out of porcelain or something. there was also a whole bunch of boxed up drum sets that I hadn’t noticed before. so FINALLY I find a bass guitar I like but when I pick it up, it’s suddenly too small. it was like slightly smaller than a regular guitar in length. so I “slap” the strings, which is a way of playing bass and it just sounds like crap. I’m disappointed but then I decide to “pluck” the strings and the first note is that bass note from “running with the devil” from van halen. then I play a few more bass notes from that song. it sounds like the guitar is suddenly plugged into a large amp too. but then instead of rocking out, I just put the bass guitar back.

And then I think I woke up.

Pretty spooky huh? I must be a really imaginative guy.


  1. Step aside, I’m something of an amateur psychologist … Tell us, Eric, how small was the “Organ” you found in the music store? You failed to mention that (ahem) instrument, didn’t you? Don’t even tell me there was no organ. That would be worse.

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