Um, really, Madonna?

The first time I saw this I thought I had taken too much ativan, but I guess it’s actually real. I am referring to this Motorola commercial for their new phone, the “Rockr“. It’s the one that comes preloaded with iTunes so you can listen to music on your phone. I know, what a relief that someone finally invented that, huh?

Anyway, it features various music stars like Madonna and some other people, I can’t remember the others right now and it doesn’t matter anyway. They all walk into this phone booth and the joke is like “uh oh, they’re all squished in there and now it’s crowded”.

LOL! Hilarious.

But it gets even better/worse.

At the end, they show this big fat black guy from the back and he’s walking towards this phone booth already jam-packed with music star sellouts (there’s no more room!)and then Madonna yells, “Biggie, no!”

That’s right. Biggie Smalls. The Notorious BIG. The one who’s dead. He’s been resurrected via a generic look-a-like to sell Motorola cell phones. You thought it was bad when Fred Astaire danced with that Dirt Devil or whatever, but as I remember it, Fred Astaire was never violently gunned down in his car. But now that’s all been erased from history. It never happened, he’s ok.

Seriously, what if you saw Tupac pushing Chicken Selects in a McDonald’s commercial? Here’s Yitzhak Rabin selling the new Ford Mustang. Why not a Huggies commercial starring Laci Peterson?

Oh, that’s going too far? My point is, this guy was MURDERED. He didn’t die of old age in some rest home 50 years ago. How long has it been? Not long enough, in my opinion. Plus I think you should take into account the way someone died.

I know someone was probably like “This is great, cuz it shows that he lives on through his music!” but that’s bullshit. They did this to sell phones. Plain and simple. You couldn’t get any other music stars who are fat? He was the only one?

Someone said, “wouldn’t it be cool if suddenly Biggie Smalls shows up and walks towards the phone booth and then Madonna delivers the punchline, which is essentially that he’s too fat!!!”

Am I wrong or is this fucked up? What’s next, a commercial where Christopher Reeve gets up and walks?


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