hooray for terrorism!

So I get home from my big trip out to Wal-Mart and my dad announces that there’s no power in LA. Can you see where this is going? Cuz I could.

“The terrorists have bombed LA!”

Right… You should have seen the boner Fox News had over the mere thought that this could possibly be terrorism. It was disgusting.

“Well, now, nobody wants to jump to any conclusions [except us] but we can’t rule out that this could be a terrorist attack.”

They must have used the T-word probably 100 times in the 20 minutes I watched. The news copter zoomed in on some smoke in the distance and even though it was explained as smoke from the oil refineries, der newscaster said something like “Oh that’s too much smoke, that looks like it’s from a fire, it must be a fire”.

I guess cuz things are finally starting to go well in New Orleans (no fair!) they need a new news story to help them churn out 23 hours of bullshit with. I can just see all the terrorism experts who were pulling out their fancy sweaters getting pissed off cuz now they won’t get to go on TV and pretend to know what they’re talking about.

And speaking of New Orleans, where are all the corpses they said would be floating in the streets from the above ground grave sites? I wanted to see that.

Bitter? Yes, but only because I hate everyone.

Just kidding, I love everyone!


One comment

  1. It’s not terrorism. It’s George Bush. He’s the devil incarnate. At least that’s what I’ve been told.

    You may be in the dark right now, but maybe that will qualify you for a $2000 ATM card from the Red Cross.

    You could get yourself a handsome, monogrammed Louis Vittoun male carry-all. Or something.

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