Way to go, Google Adsense!

OK, keep in mind that I didn’t make this up and I’m not lying. Google Adsense is a program that scans your blog and delivers ads to your website and when people click on them you get like 3 cents. this is what the ads said today:

New Orleans Excursion Fun
Excursions in New Orleans. Get the flavor of the Big Easy real easy.

Tours of New Orleans
A Sips, Sight, Sound & Story Tour! Wally Will Take You To Local Places.

OK, first of all, who’s “Wally”? Second of all, why does he capitalize every word of his ad? I’m not allowed to click on my own ads cuz then Google gets mad at you for inflating your monthly adsense bill (woohoo, 24 cents). But someone click on these and tell me if they’re still giving tours.

My friend Karl told me there was a rerun of “The Price is Right” yesterday where the grand prize was a trip to New Orleans and a speedboat. CBS had to apologize. I want an apology. And sixty three dollars. And a dunkin donuts breakfast sandwich.


One comment

  1. Wally B. is a fat, slimy looking guy. I guess I shouldn’t rip on him because who knows if he’s even around any more. I’ll leave it up to you to poke fun at dead tourguides.

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