Disneyworld trip: Revised!

I wrote before about my plans for a trip to Disneyworld. Well the marked improvement in my health situation has caused me to re-evaluate the situation.

Don’t worry, pickles will still have to push the igloo around – only now I won’t be in it! I figure we can put a dummy or some concrete blocks in there to simulate a real person.

If I’m well enough to walk around on my own now, why the igloo? It’s simple, pickles doesn’t deserve to have a good time. This way, he’ll get hot and even sweatier pushing this thing around. There’s also the added humiliation of it now being a pointless task. Most importantly, he won’t be able to endanger anyones’ lives by riding on rides. His considerable mass could comprimise the metal substructure of a ride like space mountain and then tragedy strikes.

No, it’s better this way. He’ll be there, but he’ll be wearing a backpack with all our supplies while pushing the igloo around. Maybe if he’s lucky, we’ll let him leave the igloo for a few minutes and ride one of the rides. But not a good one. Maybe the snow white kiddie ride or something.

So, who’s up for a trip to Disneyworld? We’re going Dec. 15-22 and we’ll probably be staying at the Polynesian Resort, but that’s not final yet. This is a good time to go because the park is decorated for christmas but it’s a relatively slow time of year right before the holiday so the lines aren’t too bad. Let me know.


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