I want to be crazy

Everything is easy and great when you’re crazy. Nobody bugs you or talks to you and you get free sweaters from most stores. I think I’m gonna do it. Fuck it, right? For 29 years I’ve been not crazy and what has it gotten me? Heart surgery? You can only go up from there.

I think I’m gonna be one of those crazy people who accuses people on tv of stealing their ideas. That’s a classy way to, I think. I’m not sure if I’m actually going to think my tv has a secret microphone and video camera in it or if people on tv can just read my brain waves. If I go with the first, I’ll probably throw my tv out the window once I’m sure everyone’s looking. If i do the second, I’ll get to wear a cool hat I will make out of aluminum foil so I think I’m leaning towards the second.

Wish me luck!


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