Is it just me?

Is it just me or do you guys ever get the feeling that those people who watch all those Nazi shows on the history channel do so because they secretly wish the Germans had won the war? in the interest of full disclosure, I watch a lot of history channel, but I don’t just watch the nazi stuff. I also watch stuff about mummies and Christopher Columbus and penguins and shit like that.

I’m not saying they hate jews or really do love hitler, but I think on some level, they wonder “Hmm, what would it be like if the krauts had won? What if they never invaded Russia?” You look at Germany before the war and it looks pretty good. Everyone’s driving Mercedes Benzes, lots of blonde chicks, statues. That’s not so bad right? I really think I’m on to something here. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about ME, but I’ve noticed there is this undercurrent of, I’ll call it, “begrudged awe” in some people. I mean, someone’s watching these shows, right? They’re on 23 hours a day.

The truth is, of course, much darker. this may seem like an obvious point, but it wouldn’t have been so great. millions of people would be dead but history would be rewritten so most of the people born afterwards wouldn’t even know it. it would probably be something like russia was during the cold war. but then again, serves those dicks right.


  1. I watch a lot of the History Channel, too. I’ve always been interested in it. The hook with the Nazi shows, for me, is the concentration camp footage. I’m drawn to the skeletal forms walking around in what look like pajamas. And the piles of dead bodies … I can’t imagine what that place smelled like.

    I’m amazed that most of the survivors of those camps were able to live normal lives. I’m pretty sure I’d have been a little bitter. Or, at least, a serial killer.

    Sometimes, when I’m watching old footage, like from a heavyweight prize or something, I think to myself, “all those people are dead.” Is that weird?

    Ah! I should have just called you a god damn Nazi and been done with it. By the way, Eric, in case you were wondering, Rob Wagman sent me. Blame him.

  2. In keeping with the history theme, we’ve been pals from the moment he set foot in Rhode Island–18 years ago. Good God. I’m so old. I’m … history!

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