Bully to ‘Bully’, that’s what I say

So there’s this new game coming out from the people who made “Grand Theft Auto”, it’s called “Bully”.

I guess you basically just bully people. sounds pretty good to me. It’s not even out yet and already people are protesting it. Which is of course what the company wants. I mean, how can anyone fall for this?

“Hey I know, let’s go protest this game that way no one will buy it and then the company will go out of business!”

“Great idea, Jim. Let’s make sure we go on the news and advertise that nobody should buy the game, that way we won’t give them any free advertising.”

“Hey Phil, can you pass the paint? I’m hungry.”

Everytime someone protests your game/album/book, sales automatically go up 500%. It’s been proven. People know this, which leads me to believe they don’t actually want to protest the game, they just want to protest something and get on tv and have people pay attention to them. If they really wanted to protest the game they would shut their mouths or better yet start endorsing the game itself. Then the kids would be like “Wait, this 56 year old bald guy likes this game? Fuck that, I’m not buying it, let’s go drink paint.”

Unless of course the game was super fun like Grand Theft Auto, in which case the kids would go out and buy it anyway. Cuz that game is hella fun.

I think I’ve figured out the next move, the new hit game that’s just around the corner: “Rapist”. That’s where we’re headed, folks. Let’s hope people don’t start protesting it and make it super popular like Harry Potter and let’s also hope it’s not a super fun game.

Cuz it’s wrong to rape people.


One comment

  1. I get the feeling “Rapist” would be cool with everyone until level 6, where the rapee has to navigate the treacherous abortion clinic.

    Politicians. Protesters. Coat hangers. Things could get messy. But also tie in nicely to that last post of yours.

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